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One of my personal favorite manhwa, A Wonderful New World Chapter 199 is soon going to come out today. The previous week the manhwa was on break due to the artist’s health issues. However, the fans are ready for today’s release and want to see more of our Seung (mc) and team leader in action. Are they both going to get a little bolder or we might see something else today? For the spoilers and raw scans, you can follow @Youngboy18plus on Twitter who will soon post them on his account.

A Wonderful New World Chapter 199 Release Date and Time

The wait is almost over as A Wonderful New World Chapter 199 is all set to release on July 30, 2023, at 8 pm KST. Now please keep in mind that these release dates and times are based on the official release on the official platform. The translation might take some time to get released later.

Yoon Gonji

The brilliant artist ‘Yoon Gonji’ has done a great job till now illustrating the manhwa. Personally what I like about her how dedicated and happy she is with her work. Every Wednesday she streams on youtube where she draws some cool covers and gives some sneak peeks of the latest chapter. You can follow her @gonji22forever on Instagram. She goes by the name Yoongonji on Youtube.

Let’s have a recap of A Wonderful New World Chapter 198

Now let’s refresh ourselves with A Wonderful New World Chapter 198, I won’t write a long summary which can become quite boring. The chapter starts with Nasori ex-boyfriend hunting birds in the open field. He had a meeting with the managers where her assistant showed the pic of Seung and Nasori kissing from the concert.

In the next scene, we see Seung and the team leader’s daughter both enjoying ice cream on the roadside. Her daughter admits that she has started to like him despite his ugliness. She even asks about his and her mother’s relationship despite he has a gf. Seung denies that this is just a misunderstanding and started to think about his relationship with the team leader.

Mom is waiting for you

She leaves from there and tells him to visit her house, her mom must be waiting for him. The way she leaves with a smile shows here she has really taken a liking to him. Next, we see Seung entering the house with flowers and trying to find where the team leader is. He find her on the bed and ask whether she was crying.

The team leader quickly grabs him and mounts him in a little explicit outfit and asks “Who the hell will cry” and says, “You are dead,” That’s where the chapter ends and readers are excited to see what will unfold in A Wonderful New World Chapter 199.

Where You Can Read

You can officially read A Wonderful New World Chapter 199 on Toptoon and Daycomics. Always try to read from the official platform to support the author and artist for their hard work. If the manhwa decided to go on hiatus, we will update this article.

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