Blue Lock 233 raw scans are out!


One of the hottest-selling manga in recent times, Blue Lock 233 raw scans and spoilers is finally out. Kaiser tried to win the match with his Kaiser impact which only got blocked by Lorenzo. What are we going to see in this chapter will heavily involve Hiori. The raw scans and spoilers were posted by @RayugaX101 on Twitter which can be deleted at any time.

Raw Scans, Spoilers, and Summary of Blue Lock 233

Credit: Kodansha/ Weekly Shonen Jump

The Blue Lockk 233 raw scans start with Hiori’s backstory and flashback. Where he was seen playing football for his parents. He was only playing so that his parents could be happy. Nothing ever has made him excited to play football.

And from the next spoilers, we see that he came to Blue Lock to escape from his parents and their curse. Back to the match where Raichi is shouting to stop the counter fast.

Credit: Weekly Shonen Magazine/Kodansha

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The counter started with none other than King Barou. Isagi runs back at full speed trying to think the ways to stop, at the same thing happens with Hiori when he suddenly realizes something. Finally, Hiori realizes that he should be the one to stop the counter.

And it looks like even he unlocks the meta-vision. That finally makes him a little excited. The ball moved from Barou to Niko and then towards Lorenzo. At the same time, both Kaiser and Isagi tried to rush towards him but he passed once again towards Barou.

However, when it was about to reach the King, Hiori intercepted the ball. Probably he has noticed the course through meta vision. That’s how the Blue Lock 233 raw scans end with Hiori having possession. Now the time for a counterattack has arrived.

Credit: Kodansha/ Weekly Shonen Magazine

Where The Fans Can Read Blue Lock 233

The official chapter will be released on September 20, 2023, at 12 am JST. The readers from the US can buy the chapter through the Kodansha app and websites. Others can only purchase the Weekly Shonen Magazine.

The featured image is the fan art @tsukasa_35mi on Twitter.

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