Blue Lock 234 raw scans and spoilers


Once again Blue Lock 234 raw scans and spoilers are released and the fans are pretty excited about it. Hiori overcame his past and created a new objective for himself in the previous chapter. Hiori made the decision to aid Isagi in his quest to become King since he never considered himself worthy of such a position. With that, he took the ball from the Ubers by using his enhanced vision. The raw scans are posted by @RayugaX101 on Twitter.

Raw Scans and Spoilers for Blue Lock 234

The Blue Lock 234 raw scans start with Hiori and Isagi moving together. Lorenzo comments for Hiori saying, “If not for him, this might have been over for now.” Both Isagi and Hiori started to play one touch while Hiori also included Yuki to get past the defenders.

Next in the spoilers, we see Isagi’s monologue where he thanks Blue Lock for making him the player he is now. The duo and he alone hold the key to making history here in this match. Hiori started to get past defenders with his skills and meta vision easily.

Beautiful Pass

Hiori in his meta vision sees Isagi making a run. He only thinks to pass the ball directly at his feet. He finally shot the ball that landed straight at Isagi’s feet. But both Lorenzo and Aaiku are still present there. However, Isagi flicks the ball in between them and tries to shoot a volley to score a goal.

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Kaiser is here!

But in the next panel, we see Kaiser arriving at the same time. Both Isagi and Kaiser shoot the ball at the same time for the winning goal. However, to their surprise, Barou and Aryu stop the goal! That’s where the Blue Lock 234 ends with the ball still in the air. Probably next few chapters might be the last from here for this match.

Where The Fans Can Read Blue Lock 234

The manga, Blue Lock 234 will release on September 27, 2023, at 12 am JST. The fans can enjoy it on Weekly Shonen Magazine and can buy volumes from Kodansha.

The featured image is the fan coloring by @TheTwoHornedOne on Twitter/ Kodansha and Jump Comics.

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