Circles Manhwa Chapter 134 release date, time, and where to read


After the small professor arc, Circles Manhwa Chapter 134 anticipation is much among its fans. The previous chapter only consists of the progression of the story. New girls have appeared, one is Gain, who has purple hair and a tattoo. The other one name is Yeon-Woo, which has light purple-violet type hair. Jaewoo, our protagonist might need to step up his acting skills now.

Circles Manhwa Chapter 134 Release Date, Time, and Where To read

Circles Manhwa Chapter 134 is scheduled to release on August 6, 2023, at 8 pm KST. It will be available to read on Toptoon in the official raw version. For the fans who want to read it in English, they can head to Day Comics to read the official translation. But remember that, the English ones are behind from the current chapters.

Always read from the official source to support the author and artist for their hard work. This article was updated on July 30, because the manhwa is on one week’s break. It will release next week on Sunday.

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Let’s have a look at Circles Manhwa Chapter 133

Circles Manhwa Chapter 133 mainly focused on Eunhee and Gaeul for their leading role in the drama. Now this summary and recap are based on mtl translation. The chapter starts with deciding that the drama will only have 2 actors performing lead roles. After the male lead got hurt by playing football, Nari decided that it was better to have only 2 members playing roles. They are also considering taking out the supporting actors.

Nari, Dayoung along with Gain discuss more about the production cost, setup, and other things involving the drama. There was still a problem considering between Eunhee and Gaeul, are they both ready? Next Nari and Dayoung went to the canteen where Eunhee was having her meal. Nari even commented as a joke about her meal. Meanwhile, Dayoung informed her about the drama and the role. Eunhee says that she is ready to play without any issues and they should help Gaeul instead.

I will do it

Nari and Dayoung then head toward the auditorium where Gaeul seems to practice alone. They both informed her about the role and the drama. I personally really liked the chibi version of Gaeul here which seem confused and in doubt. She even asks them whether she can the play lead. At the same time, Yeon-woo the senior came to meet them when Nari quickly grabbed her and ask to cheer Gaeul. She performed a cute gesture and cheered Gaeul.

Nari also made her believe that there will be a professor, Dayoung, and the rest of them to help her in the acting department. Then Gaeul finally decided that she will play the role and will work hard for it. That’s where the Circles Manhwa Chapter 133 ends. We will keep you updated and will share the spoilers and raw scans this Sunday for the Circles Manhwa Chapter 134.

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