Jujutsu Kaisen 237 raw scans and spoilers


After a heartbreaking chapter, Jujutsu Kaisen 237 raw scans and spoilers are finally out. There are still some fans who have high hopes for Gojo’s revival. While the Thunder God is heading for the battlefield to fight against Sukuna without feeling any remorse. The raw scans and spoilers are posted by @JJK_Mya on Twitter which can be deleted at any moment. Now from here, it’s the battle against the strongest.

Raw Scans, Spoilers, and Summary for Jujutsu Kaisen 237

The title for Jujutsu Kaisen 237 seems to be back to Shinjuku Battlefield. With Kashimo’s arrival, there is now one additional combatant. Separate and apart, perched on top of a huge iceberg. Yes, it’s the one and only Ice Star, URAUMEEEE!

However, somebody else does eventually show up. URAUME is up against Hakari. He claims that he promised not to let Uraume live, thus he must kill him. When Hakari unleashes his domain, Uraume uses ‘Ice Formation’ to combat him.

The ice boulder kept rolling downhill, even after Hikari’s domain had ensnared Urauame within it. Suddenly, it dissipates, and Kashimo realizes it was for the only purpose of transporting something to Sukuna. This is Yorozu’s cursed weapon, the KAMUTOKE, which he created in exchange for a death oath.

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The Strongest?

Sukuna says “good old times” as he uses his cursed weapon to deliver an electric attack on Kashimo. He, however, is immune to electricity thanks to his cursed energy. Next, Kashimo interrogates Sukuna, asking, “Were you born strongest or did you become the strongest?”

Kashimo approaches Sukuna with a question: “If strength is finding solitude and a place to properly show your powers, then teach me.” Is this the torment that the powerful must endure?

Sukuna says he doesn’t know because he was an abandoned baby. Kashimo is curious as to how Sukuna got along with others before he discovered his flaw. Alternatively, describe the ways in which he displayed kindness or compassion. Since Kashimo claims he is unable to accomplish it. He considered every other human being to be filth.

Kashimo vs Sukuna in Jujutsu Kaisen 237

Kashimo is described as “extravagant” by Sukuna. Also claims that Gojo was identical. Sukuna hits himself in the noggin with the blade and challenges Kashimo to a duel. Kashimo swings his staff at Sukuna, but Sukuna parries the blow.

In a defensive stance, Kashimo unleashes his Cursed Technique, “GENJU KOHASAKU”!! Amber Phantom is a possible translation. After punching Sukuna in the face, Kashimo charges a breath attack and fires it at him. The CT reworks Kashimo’s physique so that he may blast any assault he can muster using his cursed energy, the narrator reveals.

He is back!

Another one of Kashimo’s punches connects. His CT makes him more nimble, and the waves he shoots destroy anything they come into contact with. However, the capabilities of a Kashimo go well beyond those of a human body. As a result, Kashimo’s body will shatter as soon as the CT stops.

The narrator continues by saying that Sukuna did not need RCT because he knew a way to restore his original body once and only once. However, Sukuna had purposefully put a stop to it. RYOMEN SUKUNA IS BACK!

The narrator exclaims, “THE TRANSFORMATION OF REINCARNATION HAS BEGUN AGAIN”!!! At the end of a chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen 237, the editor’s comments, “Manifestation of the true form”

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