Kagurabachi 3 raw scans and spoilers


The wait is over as the recent famous manga, Kagurabachi 3 raw scans, and spoilers are finally out now. We saw Shiba and Chihiro arriving in Tokyo to find the enchanted sword. There are chances that the sword was seen here. And our goat, Chihiro is ready with his own sword to strike down everyone. @Scanpiea revealed the information on Twitter, which can be remove at any moment.

Raw Scans, Spoilers, and Summary of Kagurabachi 3

Chapter 3 of Kagurabachi raw scans starts with Shiba and Chihiro arriving at the shop. And finally, in this chapter, we got to see some female characters involved. There were even some jokes going around like how there are no female characters yet.

The female character’s name seems to be Hanao(not fully sure) and it seems Chihiro knows her well. From the interactions, it seems she might have a crush on our goat. Furthermore, there is also a child present in the shop. Chihiro went straight to the point to ask about the sorcerer with the enchanted blade.

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The organization is after the kid?

Now from the spoilers, it looks like the kid holds some kind of special power. She might know or have some clue about the Hisaku and the enchanted blade. However, while enjoying some ramen with the kid, suddenly a man behind them feels irritated, and kill the waiter.

He is a sorcerer and uses some kind of doll that blasts everything in the shop. When the vision finally clears, Chihiro realizes that the man is holding a kid in his grasp as a hostage now. And that’s where the Chapter 3 of Kagurabachi ends. We can probably expect some cool fighting sequences coming in the next chapter.

Where The Fans Can Read The Manga?

The readers and the fandom can enjoy Kagurabachi 3 officially on Manga Plus and Viz Media on October 2, 2023, at 12 am JST.

The featured coloring was done by @cyborg_works on Twitter, and credit goes to Viz Media, Manga Plus, and Shonen Jump.

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