Kagurabachi Chapter 2 raw scans and spoilers


With a massive buzz on the internet, Kagurabachi Chapter 2 raw scans and spoilers have been released. Here we are going to see a backstory of our MC Chihiro and his father. Chihiro’s plot to seek brutal revenge on a group of individuals renowned for their formidable sorcery came to light. Chapter 2 of Kagurabachi is anticipated to reveal further information about the protagonist and his motivations. @xDonutW on Twitter posts the raw scans of the manga.

Raw Scans and Spoilers for Kagurabachi Chapter 2

The Kagurabachi Chapter 2 seems to start with Shiba and Chihiro discussing the among themself for the cleanup. The main gangster boss is on the verge of death and they are asking him about Hisaku. And just when the boss was about to reveal something, his body suddenly started to swell up and burst.

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Tragic Day

Finally, for what everyone waiting for, we got to see what happened to Chihiro’s father. From the spoilers, it seems a two groups of people killed him. Shiba reached there but he was pretty late and only found out that Kunishige had died.

Even though for now, we don’t have a proper official translation all can already guess that from there Chihiro swore revenge. He has seen them and a tattoo on the hand of a man.

Previous chapter recap

Chihiro Rokuhira and his father, Kinishige Rokuhira, were introduced in the first chapter of Kagurabachi. His father’s reputation as the greatest swordsmith in the country rests on his innovative techniques for forging formidable katana.

The chapter’s first half centered on Chihiro and his father’s day-to-day activities. Shiba, a friend of his father, was also introduced. The revelation uncovered the protagonist’s ultimate drive: to carry on the family legacy as a swordsmith.

A time jump of 38 months unveiled that a particular city had fallen under the control of a yakuza faction known as Korogumi. In truth, they were particularly effective because of their connections to a formidable sorcery network. One anti-Korogumi activist described how the Korogumi had destroyed their tranquil existence.

The chapter then brings back an old acquaintance of Chihiro’s father, Shiba. A magic gang linked to the killing of Chihiro’s father was also the target of their search. Shiba reported that the Korogumi group has links to the wanted organization.

Where To Read Kagurabachi Chapter 2

The Kagurabachi manga is officially available for reading on the Manga Plus and Viz Media website and app.

The featured image credit goes to @x4nnyyy on Twitter, Viz Media, and Manga Plus.

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