Kagurabachi Chapter 4 raw scans and spoilers


Chihiro has arrived and Kagurabachi Chapter 4 raw scans and spoilers are also out now. Two new characters, including the eyewitness, a young girl named Char, were introduced in the previous chapter of Kagurabachi. It seems that a “bad guy” and his goons were chasing after her. The raw scans and spoilers are posted by @plus_spoiler on Twitter.

Raw Scans, Spoilers, and Summary of Kagurabachi Chapter 4

Kagurabachi Chapter 4 raw scans start with the sorcerer claiming that he needs just to capture Sharu. They both use “kuro” to save Chihiro from Chihiro and Shiba. Sharu asks Shiba if she, too, can use sorcery, and Shiba responds that anybody is free to do so.

The word “Genryoku,” which means “life energy,” is where the word “sorcery” comes from. Shiba reveals that this ability is amplified by mystic Katanas, which is beyond the capabilities of a mundane sorcerer. The magnified form of Genryoku is a goldfish. (The one Sharu observed morphs into a “could” rather than a goldfish.)

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Mystic Name

The sorcerer says this is the second time he’s seen a mystic Katana, but the first time he’s faced one head-on in battle. When he realizes Sharu is still there, he yells that others would die defending her that her mother met the same fate, and that it was pointless for her to die.

The sorcerer launches a “Furaku” assault, and Chihiro counters with an “Aka (red)” technique. Sorcerer Chihiro disappears when she tries to employ “Kuro(Black)” once more.

But “Aka” had the capability of taking in the magic and using it. (If it’s only once, it’s not specified.) Despite Sharu’s lack of financial resources, Chihiro is on board with safeguarding her because they share similar values.

And then he goes to the wizard and poses three queries. Whose is he? Why he’s after Sharu (point 2) and where exactly is the cloud mystic Katana, “Kuregumo”

Where The Fans Can Read Kagurabachi Chapter 4

The fans will be able to enjoy Kagurabachi Chapter 4 on Manga Plus on October 9, 2023, at 12 am JST.

The featured image is the coloring done by @cyborg_works on Twitter/ Viz Media, Manga Plus, and Shonen Jump.

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