Link Click Season 2 Episode 12 release date, time, and more


The fandom is excited for Link Click Season 2 Episode 12 which is going to release soon. In the prior episode, we witnessed Qian Jin’s ingenuity foil Cheng Xiaoshi’s first strategy. This led to his and Tianxi’s capture by Jin’s troops. In addition, the previous episode shed light on some intriguing details about Qian Jin’s background and true motivations.

Link Click Season 2 Episode 12 Release Date and Time

The anime, Link Click Season 2 Episode 12 release date is September 22, 2023, at 11 am Chinese Standard Time.

  • Eastern Standard Time: September 21, 11:00 PM, EST
  • Central European Time: September 22, 5:00 AM, CET
  • Indian Standard Time: September 22, 8:30 AM, IST
  • Philippine Time: September 22, 11:00 AM, PHT
  • Korean Standard Time: September 22, 12:00 PM, KST
  • Japanese Standard Time: September 22, 12:00 PM, JST
  • Australian Standard Time: September 22, 1:00 PM, AST

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A brief recap of the previous episode

In the episode before the finale, we had a little flashback to see Cheng Xiaoshi plotting a way to save Lu Guang. Xiaoshi claims that after the exchange is complete, he may quickly get himself out of the location by going into a dive. To put his plan into action, he investigated the security camera footage.

Qian Jin had a plan B, though, and it involved planting a tracker in Xiaoshi’s clothes and setting off an explosion. He planned to divert attention elsewhere so that he and his men could easily take Xiaoshi. As it turned out, Qian Jin had his man kidnap Xiaoshi and Li Tianxi and take them to a nearby subway station.


Qian obviously anticipated Li Tianchen’s alignment with Cheng Xiaoshi, while Li Tianchen was plainly astonished to see her sister side with Cheng Xiaoshi. He was prepared to shoot her since betrayal is the one thing he hates more than anything. When Tianchen and Xiaoshi saw Jin aiming the gun at Tianxi, they took a defensive stance.

As the story progressed, it became clear that Li Tianchen was the one who gave Lu Guang the picture in the hospital, with the intention of altering the past. When Jin’s lackey began babbling about how he had never trusted Tianchen in the first place, Jin put an end to the conversation by putting a bullet right through his head.

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However, Tianchen revealed a shocking fact by claiming that Qian Jin’s wife had never been unfaithful to him. Jin killed his pregnant wife and their unborn kid because of his developing suspicions, proving the previous theory correct. Qian Jin, however, was unwilling to accept any of it at face value.

Just then, his wounded teammate returned and shot him dead. Bullets didn’t harm Jin because he was armored up. On the other hand, Li Tianchen and Xiaoshi got into an altercation. In the meantime, Lu Guang tracked down the spot and rushed there to save his friend.

Tianxhi’s eyes welled up with tears as she saw her brother struggle. Xiaoshi and Li Tianchen were both taken aback by the suddenness of the shooting. The fate of Li Tianxi was thus left in the balance when the show abruptly concluded.

Where The Fans Can Watch Link Click Season 2 Episode 12

The fans would be able to enjoy the anime on the Bilibili and Crunchyroll platforms.

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