Lookism Chapter 465 release date, time, and more


Back-to-back peak chapters by Park Tae-jun. Lookism Chapter 465 release date is much anticipated by the fans. The chapters going to be anticipated as Lookism Chapter 465 will be the next one for this amazing, popular Manwha, and with the release of the latest chapter, which saw some of the amazing taking place in the same chapter, the readers are highly excited to see what is next in the upcoming and await the release of the upcoming chapter, and it is fortunate that the next chapter will be released next week without any break. So, read more to find out what is Alice going to do as we cover more details on Lookism Chapter 465.

Lookism Chapter 465 Date and Time

The Manhwa, Lookism Chapter 465 release date is Friday, September 8th, 2023, at 12:00 AM KST (Korean Standard Time). However, do remember this date and timing belong to the official platform.

  • Eastern Standard Time: September 7, 11:00 AM, EST
  • Central Standard Time: September 7, 5:00 PM, CST
  • Indian Standard Time: September 7, 8:30 PM, IST
  • Australian Standard Time: September 8, 1:00 AM, AST
  • Phillipine Time: September 7, 11:00 PM, PHT
  • Korean Standard Time: September 8, 12:00 AM, KST
  • Japanese Standard Time: September 8, 12:00 AM, JST

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A brief recap of the previous chapter

In the latest chapter of the manhwa “Lookism,” two distinct storylines have been unfolding, and fans can anticipate their culmination in the upcoming chapter. Despite its unusual premise of teenagers engaging in seemingly senseless fights for dominance, “Lookism” has garnered fame and intrigue.

The central narrative revolves around the power struggles within the gang, with characters vying to assert their dominance over one another. However, recent developments in the series have delved into a more captivating storyline involving a potent drug circulating among these teenagers, offering them enhanced strength.

This drug has become a focal point of the plot, leading to unforeseen consequences. Notably, we witness the character Johan falling victim to the drug’s effects, causing him to engage in a senseless battle against Zack Lee. The drug compels Johan to confront anyone in his path, making Zack’s challenge to subdue him the only solution.

Meanwhile, another intriguing development in the chapter involves Samuel grappling with the revelation that Gapryoung Kim is his father. The real son of Gapryoung Kim emerges, and a confrontation ensues as he seeks to impart wisdom to Samuel.

As fans eagerly await the release of “Lookism” Chapter 465, they are left wondering about the forthcoming storyline and whether any spoilers are available. Unfortunately, there are currently no spoilers accessible for the upcoming chapter. The anticipation remains high as readers eagerly anticipate the next installment in this unique and engaging manhwa series.

Where You Can Read Lookism Chapter 465

Lookism Chapter 465 manhwa can be officially read on Naver Comics and Naver Series in the raw version. Naver Webtoons is the place to read in English.

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