Blue Lock 230 raw scans and spoilers


With the score tied, fans are ready for Blue Lock 230 raw scans and spoilers which have been released. After King Barou’s goal, the score is tied once again. The raw scans are posted by @RayugaX101 on Twitter. The previous chapter showed us some more backstories of Snuffy. And it seems Barou doesn’t want him to retire yet. Without further ado, let’s see what exactly happened in this chapter.

Raw Scans, Spoilers, and Summary of Blue Lock 230

The Blue Lock 230 spoilers and the chapter starts with Isagi getting more frustrated. The fans watching the match at their home get excited after hearing the Snuffy decision. Even the rest of the team is happy with the Snuffy decision.

Next, we see Raichi conversing with Isagi. He explains that he wasn’t able to mark and defend Snuffy properly. But Isagi rebuked him saying that it was working well but he missed the opportunity. Isagi started to think about how he could go from here when they realized the master substitution was now over. Both Noa and Snuffy will substituted from the game.

New Ideas in Blue Lock 230

Snuffy decided that Sendo must enter the match from his team. While Noa started to ask Kurona can he play the match. But then while analyzing the data, he decided that Kiyora should join the match. Kiyora started to take off his jacket in preparation to enter the match.

However, Isagi quickly stopped Noa from doing it. Noa seemed to be confused with this decision. Isagi says that it is no doubt that Kiyora is an exceptional player. But to beat the Ubers they need a game changer that can bring new ideas.

Hiyori Joins The Match

Noa asks if is this a rational decision, but Isagi replies that he wants Hiyori on his team so that he can score the goal. However, Noa rejects him saying that he won’t accept this decision. At the same time, Hiyori speaks up and explains.

He says that if he joins with Isagi the team can have two players with bird eyes view which can deal with Ubers. Hiyori is ready to become Isagi’s shadow in order to win the match. Noa realizes that only two idiots can do it. But he says that if they fail they will be out of the regular team. The Blue Lock 230 ended with joining the match.

Where The Fans Can Read Blue Lock

The fans can read Blue Lock manga on the weekly Shonen magazine and website. They can also purchase the volumes from Kodansha.

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The featured image is the property of Kodansha and the fan art by @TheTwoHornedOne on Twitter.

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