Blue Lock 281 raw scans and summary


It’s Friday and the fandom is ready for Blue Lock 281 raw scans which have been released. After a stunning goal by Barou, the score is now 2-2. The masters are off the pitch and Hiyori is substituted to play with Isagi now. The raw scans are posted by @RayugaX101 on Twitter and can be deleted soon. Let’s check out what exactly happened in this chapter.

Raw Scans, Spoilers, and Summary of Blue Lock 281

Raw Scans by @RayugaX101 on Twitter

The Blue Lock 281 raw scans seem to start with everyone trying to cool off with drinks. Snuffy comments that he needs to go with the Barou strategy for now. All teams started to get more hype over it. He says that now it is Barou duty to take responsibility.

At the same time, Noa tells Jin that his time will come, for now, don’t let yourself rot. Hiori enters the field along with Isagi. He thanks Isagi for picking him, but Isagi says he did it for his own sake. They started to converse about the meta-vision.

Raw Scans by @RayugaX101 on Twitter

Sharing the image?

Isagi started to ask him about how Snuffy stopped him earlier. They started to converse more and started to strategize their next move. Isagi says that they have to improvise now and have to share their imagination based on cutting review and analysis.

Noa and Snuffy Conversation

Next in Blue Lock 281 raw scans, sitting on the bench Noa started to talk about the emotional strategy by Snuffy. While Snuffy rebuked him and also praised Isagi at the same time. Meanwhile, Noa praised Barou. They started to joke around while thinking with more talents like this, winning the World Cup might not be a dream for Japan.

Raw Scans by @RayugaX101 on Twitter

Kaiser Plans in Blue Lock 281

At the same time, we see Ness and Kaiser talk. Kaiser puts his hands around Ness to talk weakly so no one can hear. He suggests that there are gaps present in the game. Isagi always aims for the back, let’s kick his a**.

Everyone started to get ready when the announcer finally announced the match was going to start again. The score is 2-2, now is the climax time. Who will score the last goal and become the star of the match? And that’s how chapter ends with the kick-off for the last goal.

Where The Fans Can Read Manga

Blue Lock manga can be purchased in volumes on Kodansha. Also, you can read by purchasing the weekly Shonen magazine.

The featured image is the fan art by @tsukasa_35mi on Twitter, we do not own this image.

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