Mairimashita Iruma-kun chapter 314 raw scans, summary, and spoilers


One of the best wholesome manga, Mairimashita Iruma-kun chapter 314 raw scans is once again released. The meeting of the 13 crowns has started. The raw scans are posted on r/DemonSchoolIrumakun on Reddit. Meanwhile, we bring you the summary and spoilers for the latest chapter. With Bachiko as the new member, let’s check out what exactly happened in this chapter.

Raw Scans, Spoilers, and Summary of Mairimashita Iruma-kun chapter 314

Raw scans on Akita Shonen on twitter

In chapter 314 of Mairimashita Iruma-kun, We kicked things off by having a gathering of the 13 crowns, who all affirmed their gifts, beginning with Sullivan. The newest addition, Bachiko, is warmly welcomed into the group. Then, Sullivan wanted to express his gratitude to Bachiko for her insight into the problem; the 13 crowns and the 3 heroes have never agreed on anything in the past, but with Bachiko’s help, they’ve found a way to work together.

Sullivan is thrilled she’s part of the team now. (Sullivan’s placement for when I have the time to fly). They snapped a photo of the new 13 crowns as Bachiko was moved by his words. Sullivan proposed a picnic for the next 13 nights of dinner. Baal, like everyone else, was taken aback.

Raw scans on Akita Shonen on twitter

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It must have surprised Sullivan that Belial said it wasn’t like Sullivan to utter a joke about giving up Delkira’s position. Nonetheless, Sullivan just said that he believed this to be what Delkira wanted. Sullivan claims that he has already given the matter much too much thought.

Sullivan continued by saying that the king’s seat and the 13 crowns were merely a meeting place for the Delkira. Because of this, Sullivan has opted to wait for Delkira’s return before giving up his seat on the 13 crowns. When he returns and properly greets Delkira, he will create a demon realm that is both entertaining and shocking.

A brief recap of the previous chapter

The previous chapter of Mairimashita Iruma-kun begins with the 13 crown meeting to discuss what to do. They resolve to apologize to Bachiko first, but the (former)president will get in the way. Then Paimon volunteers to go, stating it’s hard but maybe only she can talk to her right before she continues. Robin accompanied the ex-president. He brought Iruma, surprising Sullivan. He also said that he would resign down as president, that Bachiko would become vice president, and that he would back her if she won the 13 crown.

Everyone was affected and asked whether it was acceptable, with the former president replying they had his word. On the side, Henri asks why Iruma was there; they were fighting a war and Iruma put it out. The former president says he’s ready, therefore Sullivan should be too. Belial then suggested they apologize to the Barbatos family before sending Sullivan with his grandson.

Sullivan expressed amazement that Iruma was at the Barbatos house when they traveled. He called the opera house and is on his way home. Iruma asked Sullivan, “Can’t they make it 14 crowns?” He saw that Sullivan wouldn’t give up Delkira, so he believed adding a seat would fix everything. This made Sullivan giggle because he simply said the darndest thing, suggesting he was overthinking things.

Where The Fans Can Read Mairimashita Iruma-kun chapter 314

Only on Akita Shonen, the fans can read the manga’s latest chapter in the official version. Meanwhile, for the English, you can buy volumes from Kodansha.

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