Why is Luffy’s devil fruit the most ridiculous out of all the devil fruits?


Luffy and his Gear 5 are just busted. But the anime has just shown how much more ridiculous it really is. Kaido says, “It’s like he has two different devil fruits altogether.” If the “Strongest Creature” is saying such things then think of how much more ridiculous it is going to get as The Straw Hat’s crew, with their Captain starts reaching Elbaf.

Oda is a master at foreshadowing. He gave us hints from the very beginning, it’s just we can’t theorize what the Great Oda is thinking. In chapter 387, the introduction of Gears hinted at the possibility that Luffy’s fruit was not Paramecia.

So, just tell me which other Paramecia Devil-Fruit users have multiple forms. You would now be thinking, but trust me, You ain’t going to find none. For Example, you can take the most popular of the paramecia fruits but none has the ability to transform themselves. Like, you can take Gura-Gura No Mi (Whitebeard’s devil fruit, now Marshall D. Teach aka Blackbeard), Ope Ope No- Mi (Trafalgar D Law), Jiki Jiki No Mi (Kid’s fruit), and many others but none can transform, rather they have an unknown superpower.

Luffy fruit being zoan was foreshadowed by Oda

As previously stated, Paramecia fruits can’t change the user’s body, but rather give powers. However, the entire One Piece series had already foreshadowed that only Zoan fruit users can change their bodies and undergo transformations. The difference between Paramecia and Zoan fruit is the actualization of their fruits. Where the biological makeup itself changes whilst, Paramecia’s just enhances. For example, Doflamingo serves as an instance; he used strings, but he didn’t transform his body into strings.

Whereas, Luffy’s fruit changed his entire DNA, without even turning it on like a switch. He always used to be in the rubber state. Before Gear 5, everyone used to think his fruit was a special Paramecia-type Devil-Fruit, like Katakuri’s. But, their fruits are completely apart.

Katakuri already showed us his body is not Mochi all the time during his fight with Luffy in the mirror world. He used to change his own shape and use his observation haki, to evade the attacks. So, unlike Luffy Katakuri could turn his power on and off his own free will. With that, Luffy being a Zoan was pretty confirmed.

Oda gave clues from the very start. Well, Let’s start with Gear 1, or his base form was the simplest application of his powers, which is the ability to stretch himself however he wants. Apart from typical stretching, his entire body had all the features of rubber. Like seen during his fight with Enel, where electricity couldn’t do anything to Luffy. No Paramecia fruit has ever been like Luffy’s Gomu-Gomu No Mi now known as, Mythical type Nika-Nika No Mi. That’s why Oda is just the GOAT at foreshadowing.

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