Oshi no Ko -interlude- chapter 3 raw scans and spoilers


Get ready fans, as Oshi no Ko -interlude- chapter 3 raw scans and spoilers are leaked. It seems this time, we getting the chapter on Kana and Akane. The previous chapter showed us the story of Melt. His backstory and his journey to reach the stage and the casting for the movie. Twitter user @xDonutW posts raw scans and spoilers.

Raw Scans and Spoilers for Oshi no Ko -interlude- chapter 3

Raw scan by @xDonutW on Twitter

Oshi no Ko -interlude- chapter 3 raw scans and spoilers seem to be of Kana’s perspective towards Akane. Every fan and vivid reader of manga and anime already knows that Kana and Akane are at odds. Now there has also been a rumor going around about them.

Next from the spoilers, it seems they both are doing a product ad. Kana says that Akane shouldn’t ask for retakes. While Akane replies to her that this is her line. They started to bicker with each other and finally, after that they introduced the product.

Akane and Kana, raw scan by @mangbung10 on Twitter

Worthy Opponent?

After shooting the ad, Kana remarks, “A worthy opponent?” Don’t make me laugh, for Akane. Meanwhile, Akane replies to her isn’t she was also all fired up. Kana says she rules while Akane pouted towards her. Then we see a monologue where Kana says, she will not talk about the relationship because it is not worth it.

Their success in the 2.5D stage play was a factor in their selection for the commercial. And it seems they are doing a beverage product ad that is good for the hot summer. That is all the spoilers available for the Oshi no Ko -interlude- chapter 3 for now.

Previous Chapter Recap

Melt’s history was presented in Chapter 2 of Oshi no Ko -interlude. Even at the outset of his professional life, he had his doubts about what direction he should go. He realized he was only a pretty face and set out to join a band. However, when he told his manager about his plans, she shot them down.

Melt’s manager tried to talk him out of a career in music. He was the target of vicious online attacks, but his persistence paid off and he is now widely regarded as a leading expert in his profession.

Where You Can Read Oshi no Ko -interlude- chapter 3

The manga can be read on MANGA Plus app and by purchasing the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

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