Reincarnation Colosseum Chapter 13 raw scans, spoilers, and more


Newly started ecchi manga, Reincarnation Colosseum Chapter 13 raw scans and spoilers are out now. Mikagami has won yet another match and has stunned everyone. In this chapter, the fourth guardian has become his and he has done some really naughty things with her. The raw scans and spoilers are posted by @Youngboy18plus on Twitter.

Raw Scans, Spoilers, and Summary for Reincarnation Colosseum Chapter 13

The Reincarnation Colosseum Chapter 13 raw scans start with the head priest getting angry over Mikagami’s win. She literally can’t believe he can win the match. She is considering that somehow, Mikagami has cheated and wants to find out how.

However, Aris suddenly appears in front of her and she finally realizes that he has copied her skill to beat his opponent. She teased the head priest some more and then quickly left from there.

Time to break another guardian

In the part of the Reincarnation Colosseum Chapter 13, we see Mikagami taking the fourth guardian to his bedroom. She started to cry while begging Mikagami that she didn’t want to get intimate. But now, she has become his slave, nothing can be done.

We see the other girls arrive at the same time in the room. Now with everyone, they stripped her, and then Mikagami started to do his thing. That’s right here comes another intimate scene where the fourth guardian showed us some really hot expressions.

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A brief recap of the previous chapter

After failing to employ his abilities, Mikigami begins Chapter 12 on his back. As far as he was concerned, nobody should have an ability that made everyone else useless. He quickly finds out that his opponent brought something to the match that was against the rules.

The contested item rendered the foe incapable of making use of the players’ otherwise available abilities. A crack appeared in Mikigami as his rival spoke of the pain he would endure in the days ahead. He resorted to his last remaining ability, the dimensional cleave.

Where The Fans Can Read Reincarnation Colosseum Chapter 13

Only on Comic Walker, you will be able to read the manga officially. However on @youngboy18plus on Twitter, you will be able to find the raw scans of the latest chapter.

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