My Landlady Noona Chapter 107 raw scans, release date, and more


With the plot moving to an end, My Landlady Noona Chapter 107 raw scans and the release date are just around the corner. The previous chapter was just a wholesome one for the fandom. Hari’s and Nari’s mom have gone back to America, and both of them are working hard. In the meantime, we got to see the date between Yoo-hee Noona and Minwoo finally. The raw scans and spoilers will be soon posted by @Youngboy18plus on Twitter.

My Landlady Noona Chapter 107 Release Date and Time

The manhwa, My Landlady Noona Chapter 107 release date is August 17, 2023, at 8 pm Korean Standard Time. This is based on the official release and time on the official platform. If the author or artist decided to take a hiatus, we will update the article immediately.

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A brief recap of the previous chapter

In My Landlady Noona Chapter 106, we finally witnessed the promised date between Yoohee Noona and Minwoo. First, in the office, we got to see, she has been working hard at her job. At the same time, Bada finds Minwoo on the rooftop enjoying his lunch. He takes some suggestions from Bada about renting some places that are cheap and have good transportation.

Next, we see Hari’s and Nari’s mom have left and gone back to America. Nari has been working hard in her idol agency while Hari Noona has started a part-time job. We even got to see Bada’s cool back tattoo panel, while Minwoo realized she really has some dangerous friends.

Date with Yoohee

Finally, the date with Yoohee started when they enjoyed a movie and then had some food. They clicked many pictures of themselves together in the photo booth too. Minwoo had fun and realized he should have come sooner on a date. Finally, when it was time to leave, Yoohee suggested she can’t let him leave and they went to a hotel. That’s where the chapter ends, probably we can expect some hot scenes with Yoohee coming next in the chapter.

Where To Read My Landlady Noona Chapter 107

You can read My Landlady Noona Chapter 107 on Toptoon officially in the raw version and on Day Comics in the English version.

The featured image is the property of Day Comics, we do not own this image.

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