Queen Bee 284 summary and spoilers


With the spoilers out now, Queen Bee 284 summary was most anticipated. The chapters seem to continue where it was left in the last chapter. While Pyo is still at Dali’s home they are dealing with Dalhu. The raw scans are up on @Youngboy18plus on Twitter. First, let’s check out what exactly happened in this chapter.

Spoilers and Summary for Queen Bee 284

The Queen Bee chapter 284 seems to start with a flashback. And it is none other for Dalsu and the old man (landlord or Mr. Yoo). Dalsu visited him in the hospital and probably wanted to talk about the inheritance. The old man asked him to give him a chance with Amy. Seems like this old man wants to strike a deal with him.

However, Dalsu denies him while telling him that Amy Noons only belongs to him and then leaves the hospital. The next panels show us that Dalhu and Dali are still conversing with each other. Dalhu started to explain to Dali his plan that he had all planned previously.

Dali’s Sketch

He told her everything including using Pyo mom’s against Dalsu, his wife being sold to an island, and also about the Hyuna death. Pyo was sitting on the stairs and was angry hearing everything from him. At the same time, there was Dalsu who was enjoying his time with Amy in his home.

Dalhu stated he would take his final trip with the old man the day after tomorrow, but he couldn’t say much more about the situation at this time. He said it was fine to wait for him to return, and he departed. After that, in the next panels, Pyo decided to draw Dali’s sketch.

They were in the old man’s room, and sketching in front of her mother’s portrait. Even Dali agreed to his wish. I think they might have some use of this sketch in the upcoming chapters. The Queen Bee chapter 284 ends with Pyo and Dali getting intimate with each other. This is based on translation and some details might not be accurate. Wait for the chapter release.

Where You Can Read the Manhwa Queen Bee?

Queen Bee 284 is out on Toptoon Korea for now. The official English version can be read on Day Comics but currently, they are 3-4 chapters behind. The fan’s translations are available by Acera which the fans can’t wait to read, it will be released by tomorrow.

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