Queen Bee chapter 281 raw scans and spoilers


The longest-running manhwa in this genre, Queen Bee chapter 281 raw scans and spoilers has been released. It seems this chapter is going to focus on more Dalhu and his wife. The spoilers and raw scans are posted by @Youngboy18plus on Twitter that can be deleted at any time. Pyo revenge is still on hold now and the focus is now on Dalhu’s wife. Without wasting any time, let’s see what exactly happened in the latest chapter.

Raw Scans and Spoilers for Queen Bee Chapter 281

The Queen Bee Chapter 281 starts with Dali still talking on the phone with his dad. She asks about Hyuna more from him. The old man (landlord) says that he can’t remember properly what exactly happened that night. He had to ask the hotel owner about that night. Halfway through talking with her, his dementia broke out again.

Next, we will see, Pyo visiting the same hotel and ask the owner about the details of that night. The owner replied that a man saved the landlord that night. He further replies that he doesn’t know who he was. Pyo started to ask about how does he look and all. After hearing the details, it reminded him of Dalho.

Rural Village Cruelness

Pyo tries to call Dalhu but it seems his phone was off. The next from the spoilers of Queen Bee Chapter 281, we shift to a desolate school in somewhere village. Dalhu’s wife was kidnapped by the gangster and then faced cruelness in a group along with old people. They injected drugs into her and played with her. She was even sold off the next day and never appeared again. That’s all the spoilers available for the latest chapter.

Where To Read

You can read the latest chapter in the raw version on Toptoon. The English version is available to read on Day Comics.

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