Queen Bee Chapter 282 raw scans and spoilers


It’s Friday and Queen Bee Chapter 282 raw scans have been released. The spoilers are also leaked and it seems that Pyo and Dali are finally back. From the spoilers, it also looks like Pyo has listened to the tapes of Ami and Dalsu along with their pics. The raw scans and spoilers are posted by @Youngboy18plus on Twitter that can be deleted soon. Without wasting any more time, let’s check out what exactly happened in this chapter.

Raw Scans and Spoilers of Queen Bee Chapter 282

It is not the exact summary of Queen Bee Chapter 282 but still, we will try to explain our best from the available spoilers. From the start, it looks like Ami and Pyo are sitting at the shore of the island. Pyo might still have some thoughts about the Hyuna incident. Also, the talk and things he heard from the old man on the phone.

They even get in touch with Dalhu but still, there is no real answer they could get. But now they suspect that Dalhu, himself, was complicit in it. They both think about the incident and this time Pyo looks a little calm, trying to control his anger.

They are back!

From the next available spoilers, we see they arrived the next day and Dali went alone to the hospital. She met with a housewife who was spending time with an old man the previous day. Dali instantly recognize the gold chain she was wearing which belongs to her mother.

Dali get her home keys while her dad was sleeping. Then they both arrived at the house where Pyo finally finds the pictures and tape recordings. There Dali started to cry a little and Pyo ask her how she would feel if he kills her whole family. Dali yelled and says that she would have killed them first if there was no law. Her whole family deserves to die which kind of surprised Pyo.

That’s how the Queen Bee Chapter 282 and probably they get intimate too at the last.

Where To Read Queen Bee Chapter 282

You can read Chapter 282 officially on Toptoon in the raw version. For the English version, you can head for Day Comics.

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