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The romance drama genre has always been popular and Serena chapter 48 release date is much awaited by its readers. This manhwa story takes its readers to a fictional country which is known as ‘Meuracevia’ in the 20th Century. The female lead, Serena Serenity was passed down a rundown hotel of her grandmother. Now, let’s check out the release date and time for the upcoming chapter.

Serena Chapter 48 Release Date and Time

The Manhwa, Serena chapter 48 release date is August 25, 2023, at 12 am Korean Standard Time. However, do remember this date and timing belong to the official platform.

  • New York Time: August 24, 11:00 am, NYT
  • Indian Standard Time: August 24, 8:30 pm, IST
  • Philippines Standard Time: August 24, 11:00 pm, PST
  • Central European Time: August 24, 5:00 pm CET
  • Singapore Standard Time: August 24, 11:00 pm SST
  • Korean Standard Time: August 25, 12:00 am, KST
  • Japanese Standard Time: August 25, 12:00 am, JST
  • Australian Standard Time: August 25, 1:00 am, AST

A brief recap of the previous chapter

The previous chapter of Serena introduced its readers to a new character, ‘Dia D’Laurent’. Moreover, the twist is she is the ex of Eiser. Their breakup might be a really hard one. In the meantime, Serena was hearing their conversation. She knew of her beforehand thanks to a drunken Eiser who once filled her in on Dia.

Furthermore, it would appear that Dia has done something to upset her family. As a cover for her exile, they sent her abroad to university. With her pardon, however, she is free to return to Meuracevia. Since Eiser didn’t recognize her from the guest list, he is curious as to why she decided to come. It turned out to be Serena who extended the invitation.

Dia and Serena

There are no further hiccups throughout the House Party. Well, until Dia went up to Serena. Dia thanks her for inviting her to the elegant House Party, after which they exchange niceties.

She introduces herself to Serena as the wife of Banker Herios’s representative wife. She goes on to say that she has nobody in the Kingdom because she lived there for so long alone. Dia appears to have romantic feelings for Serena. It may be a professional one.

Where You Can Read Serena Chapter 48

Serena Chapter 48 manhwa can be officially read on Naver Comics and Naver Series in the raw version. Naver Webtoons is the place to read in English.

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