Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 117 release date, time, and more


With another installment, the Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 117 release date is much anticipated by the fans. We’ll learn more about the goblin named Hasting and why he’s cooperating with the Demonic Humans. Now that Jin-hyuk possesses the rapture compass, he can use it to find a rapture as swiftly as possible. Jinhyuk, who is known for his ruthlessness, has no chance against Goguma’s adorableness. It’s no surprise that Goguma is extremely powerful.

Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 117 Release Date and Time

The manhwa, Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 117 release date is September 8, 2023, 12 am KST.

  • Eastern European Time: September 7, 6:00 PM, EST
  • Central European Time: September 7, 5:00 PM, CST
  • Indian Standard Time: September 7, 8:30 PM, IST
  • Australian Standard Time: September 8, 1:00 AM, AST
  • Philippine Time: September 7, 11:00 PM, PHT
  • Korean Standard Time: September 8, 12:00 PM, KST
  • Japanese Standard Time: September 8, 12:00 PM, JST

A brief recap of the previous chapter

Previously in Solo Max-Level Newbie, The high-floor manager with whom Jinhyuk is working turns out to be aiding the Demonic Humans in their quest to make it impossible to clear the tower, a shocking revelation for everyone involved. The problem is that if the levels of the tower aren’t cleansed within a specified time frame, humanity as a whole will be destroyed.

Management on a higher floor could speed up the extinction of the human race by sabotaging operations on lower floors after the removal of an earlier floor. Jinhyuk must first come to terms with the fact that Hastings is colluding with the Demonic Humans to impede humanity’s development before he can overcome this obstacle. He will be completely unprepared for the trickery if he is not informed of it.

Demon King

Not even the gods have a complete picture of the tower’s demonic inhabitants, not even the highest-ranking ones. This was most certainly the reveal section for that surprise. The way Hastings hid until the manager’s ghost called his name is a standard plot device in mysteries and plays. The man complained about Hasting when Jinhyuk established the Guild.

Jinhyuk isn’t actually bound by any sort of treaty with Machedorth, the demon king. He plans to save the key until he is strong enough to defeat the demon count and end their bargain. Although I believe he will get into a pact with the demon king, it is also possible that he will use the key to break the pact of another dark disciple with the demon king.

Where The Fans Can Read Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 117

The manhwa can be read officially on the Naver Series and Naver Webtoon in the raw version. You can read the English version of Solo: Max-Level Newbie on Line Webtoon and Tappytoon under the moniker I’m the Max-Level Newbie, although there are only 108 chapters currently accessible.

The featured image is the property of Naver, we do not own this image.

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