Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 154 Release Date | Timings | Recap and more


Mercenary Enrollment is a Korean manga, often called ‘Manhwa’. These are called manhwa, because they belong to Korea and not from Japan. Among many manhwas out there, Mercenary Enrollment is one of the most read and famous ones. Mercenary Enrollment’s story is based on assault and ambush. There are three main characters in the manhwa, those are Yu Ijin, Shin Yuna, Shin Jiyeh, Liam (006), and others. However, among these characters, the protagonist is Yu Ijin, who is a gifted mercenary and also a survivor of a plane crash. Now, let’s know about the Mercenary Enrollment chapter 154 release date, timings, and recap.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 154 Release Date

16 September 2023, Saturday is the date, which is decided for the Mercenary Chapter 154 release date. 

These will be the timings and date for other countries: 

  • New York: September 16, 11:00 am, EST
  • Indian Standard Time: September 16, 8:30 pm, IST
  • Philippines Standard Time: September 16, 11:00 pm, PST
  • Japanese Standard Time: September 17, 12:00 am JST
  • Korean Standard Time: September 17, 12:00 am, KST
  • Singapore Standard Time: September 16, 11:00 pm, SST
  • Australian Standard Time: September 17, 01:00 am, AST

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Recap of Chapter 153

Alice and Ijin were seen sparring at the start of chapter 153 of Mercenary Enrollment. While they were sparring, Alice wondered, why was everyone looking at her with worried looks on their faces. She underestimated Ijin and thought people might be worrying about him because he was still young. However, the worried look on people’s faces was for Alice, because Ijin would show no mercy on her.

Once the fight started, Ijin without any delay tried to punch Alice at a high speed. Alice shockingly reacted to Ijin’s speed and tried to punch him. Before she could punch him, Ijin stopped her and the fight got more serious. Alice’s decision impressed Shin Jiye, as it’s not easy for a freshman to go against Ijin. Shin Jiye told her that she will be looking forward to her performance.  

Where to Read Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 154 and previous chapters? 

There are multiple platforms from where one can read, like and Webtoon.  

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