My Happy Marriage Episode 11 release date, time, and more


The anime filled with romance, My Happy Marriage Episode 11 release date is much anticipated by the fandom. Miyo, a new member of the powerful Usuba family, is the protagonist of Watashi no Shiawase na Kekkon. She must now tend to the needs of this strange family. Miyo, too, is treated horribly and expected to shoulder the household’s workload on her alone. Miyo is struggling with married life.

My Happy Marriage Episode 11 Release Date and Time

The anime, My Happy Marriage Episode 11 release date is September 13, 2023, at 9:30 pm JST.

  • New York Time: September 13, 8:30 AM, NYT
  • Indian Standard Time: September 13, 6:00 pm, IST
  • Philippines Standard Time: September 13, 8:30 pm, PST
  • Central European Time: September 13, 3:30 pm CET
  • Singapore Standard Time: September 13, 8:30 pm SST
  • Korean Standard Time: September 13, 9:30 pm, KST
  • Japanese Standard Time: September 13, 9:30 pm, JST
  • Australian Standard Time: September 13, 10:00 pm, AST

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A brief recap of the previous episode

The Usuba family isn’t the only ones who can now look into the past thanks to Miyo, as we saw in the previous episode of My Happy Marriage. Because of this, Kiyoka Kudo has a lot of apprehensions about Miyo’s future as a member of the Usuba family; she is, after all, becoming one.

As we continued to watch, Arata Usuba invited Miyo and Kiyoka Kudo into the Usuba home. Despite Miyo’s familiarity with the house, the accident had rendered her unable to recall its specifics. Kiyoka Kudo was resolute in his pursuit to free Miyo of the Usuba family’s blood, the source of her recurring nightmares.

Extraordinary Abilities

The ability was potent, but also potentially lethal. Kiyoka Kudo did not wish for Miyo to experience any hardship, and becoming connected with the Usuba Family was enough of a problem for him. He had no idea that Miyo’s mother was also a member of the Usuba Family or that Miyo was born with extraordinary abilities.

The leader of the Usuba House told Kiyoka Kudo that the household would support Miyo, but only under certain circumstances. Miyo’s dream-sight skill was so unusual that the Usuba family did not want to share her with anybody else. They agreed to help her sleep better only if they could keep Miyo.

When Kiyoka Kudo found out about the situation, he became extremely enraged. He assures the Usubas that he will look out for Miyo because they failed to do so during the Saimori tragedy. Miyo listened to both sides of the argument and wondered what she should do and whose side she should take.

Where The Fans Can Watch My Happy Marriage Episode 11

The eleventh installment of My Happy Marriage will soon be accessible on Netflix. It’s the only official online destination where you can read the series in weekly installments.

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