Oshi no Ko 130 raw scans, spoilers, and summary


The fans waited patiently for Oshi no Ko 130 whose summary and spoilers are finally out. You can also expect raw scans soon. Production on the movie “15-Year Lie” started in the previous chapter. Akane, Kana, and Mem-Cho all did a wonderful job in their respective roles. But Ruby ran into trouble quickly as Gotanda deliberately enraged her to make her behave like Ai. In light of Ai’s own suppressed rage, Ruby’s behavior inevitably revealed Ai’s genuine feelings.

Spoilers and Summary for Oshi no Ko 130

The summary was leaked by @xDonutW on Twitter. Oshi no Ko 130 is titled “Basic Tactics” and it seems to be based on Memcho. She talks about her life and how excited she is to make her acting debut in a movie, as well as how scared she is about the filming process. The most intriguing aspect would be if Aqua came to reassure her that she was doing ok.

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Mem assures Aqua that despite Aqua’s criticisms, the film is ultimately full of love. For help, Aqua reportedly consulted with Abiko and Kichijouji. When Memcho asks Aqua whether he is using her, Aqua responds that he will use “everything he can.”

Aqua then responds with black stars and a “Yes, obviously”. As for Memcho, he says it’s a relief. He watches a DVD that belonged to Ai. She tells her children her hope for them when they grow up, mentioning their father along the way.

Previous Chapter

The filming of “15-Year Lie” began, with Akane portraying Takamine, Kana playing Nino, and Mem-Cho playing Mei Mei.

After the take, Kana complimented Mem-Cho’s performance, saying that she was a good fit for the role because her personality was similar to Mei Mei’s. Kana thought that, like Takamine, Akane’s ability to act successfully stemmed from her terrible disposition. Akane denied having a bad disposition, but she enjoyed picking on Kana.

The next step was for Ruby to fire her first bullet as Ai Hoshino. Director Taishi Gotanda had her rehearse the scene 13 times before filming began. Gotanda told Ruby that Ai was dumber than her and that she didn’t have to strive as hard when Ruby eventually asked for some advice. Since Ruby was aware of her mother’s intelligence and the depth of her feelings, this upset her.

Where You Can Read Oshi no Ko 130

The manga, Oshi no Ko 130 release date is October 26, 2023, at 12 am JST. You can read the manga on the Manga Plus app and Young Jump Comics.

The featured image credit belongs to Manga Plus and Young Jump Comics.

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