Oshi no Ko Chapter 129 raw scans and spoilers


Fandom is excited as finally Oshi no Ko Chapter 129 raw scans and spoilers are finally out. In the previous chapter, the “15-Year Lie” cast got together for a reading of the play. The Crow Girl announced during this time that she would be playing both Aqua and Ruby when they were younger. The cast members tested their costumes after the script reading, and Ruby looked just like her mother Ai. The raw scans are posted by @xDonutW on Twitter.

Raw Scans and Spoilers for Oshi no Ko Chapter 129

The raw scans of Oshi no Ko Chapter 129 start with Akane and Kana bickering. Akane reminds Kana not to leave the bottle cap open on the desk. We see some more bickering while Mem is also present with them.

They talk about Nino and her clumsiness. After that, we hear a cut from the movie staff. This was the actual filming segment that they were shooting. It is the first day of shooting the “15 Years of Lies” movie.

Raise your level

“Alright, let me see if the video works. Please wait around 10 minutes while we relocate the machinery. Someone needs to help Kana with her clothes and hair. Equipment for Cut 35, please. Miyako warns Ruby, “Be aware of your surroundings.” Because you have to raise your game to their level.”

This is what actually happens in the next segment.

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Next from the spoilers of Oshi no Ko Chapter 129, we see Kana, Akane, and Mem discussing their role and act. After that, we finally see Ruby as Ai and her first act. Just a simple “Hello everyone” act took a lot of takes in her role. It seems the director was not satisfied with the cut.

Kana says that she has worked with the director before and he is really stubborn. He ain’t going to go easy until he is satisfied.

Goatanda says that Ai was actually an idiot who doesn’t think anything. So Ruby shouldn’t try too hard on the role. Finally Ruby gives the cut which satisfies the director.

How you feel on the inside determines how you act. This means that Ruby needs to empathize with Ai Hoshino and mimic her expressions. Just like Aqua’s instructor would say. Their methods are indistinguishable from our own. He forced Ruby to take the test over and over again so that he could deliberately provoke her fury and give her the whole she was missing.

Where You Can Read Oshi no Ko Chapter 129

The fans can enjoy the manga on the Manga Plus app and websites. The official chapter will be released on October 19, 2023, at 12 am JST.

The featured image credit belongs to Manga Plus and Young Jump Comics.

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