Queen Bee 292 raw scans and summary


Once again Queen Bee 292 raw scans and spoilers are finally out now. We saw previously how Amy got safe at the end moment. A call from Pastor did the magic for now. The raw scans and spoilers are posted by @Youngboy18plus on Twitter. But from this chapter, it seems Dalsu ain’t gonna let Amy get away that easily.

Raw Scans and Summary for Queen Bee 292

The summary credit goes to PPPD from the discord server. The chapter of Queen Bee 292 starts with Dalsu telling Ami the pastor wanted to see her because she was disrespectful. And plotting an assault on Pyo when Ami answered the door.

Dalsu said he would call Ami and instruct her to pick up once he talked to the pastor. Also from the spoilers, he also reminded her that he is not going to let her go that easily.

The scene finally changes and we see Chao, Pastor, and Dalsu talking at the office. Dalsu asked Pastor if what Dali had stated was real, and Pastor told him that the owner of his company had indeed become Dali and that he now owned nothing.

After having Aby’s hand severed, Chao took Dalsu to the baths and made him sign a physical relinquishment agreement. Next, we were shown the ongoing romance between Pyo and Dalsu’s wife. He ends it with creamp**

Also, he asks Dalsu’s wife for the key to their house. He says that he is going to drop the sketch there at Dalsu’s home.

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Where The Fans Can Read Chapter 292

The fans can enjoy the manhwa only on Day Comics and Toptoon officially. Queen Bee’s success necessitated an English translation, so that readers of many backgrounds may experience the novel’s enthralling tale. To keep up with the latest chapters and spoilers, fans can read the manhwa in English on several internet platforms.

The featured image credit belongs to Day Comics.

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