Queen Bee Chapter 280 Raw Scans and Spoilers


Once again, Queen Bee Chapter 280 Raw Scans has been released on Toptoon, making this chapter much anticipated by the fans. Pyo has finally seen the old ma picture with Hyuna outside of a shop in the photo frame. The expression that showed was already indicating his rage. The spoilers and raw scans are posted by @Youngboy18plus on Twitter that can be deleted at any time. Without further ado, let’s check out what exactly happened in this chapter.

Raw Scans and Spoilers for Queen Bee Chapter 280

Queen Bee Chapter 280 seems to start with Pyo finding out about the old man and Hyuna’s photo. Right now everyone can guess what Pyo is about to do. Instantly he grabs Dali’s neck and questioned her why she came to the island. He had some doubts that Dali might have some purpose behind this visit. Dali replies that she missed him that’s why she came here.

Incoming Carnage

In the next scene of Queen Bee Chapter 280, we see Dalsu calling Dalhu and started raging over him. He is already in anger about how he has lost the inheritance. At the same time, Pyo asks Dali to call the old man and ask about his and Hyuna’s situation. When Dali and the old man talk on the phone, he started to tell everything about Dalsu and the things he had done with Pyo’s mom. He even informed Dali about the drugs he is started to take. The Chapter ends with Pyo finally finding out about the tapes and recording. The next chapter is surely going to be an interesting one with Pyo and his anger.

Where To Read Chapter 280

You can read Queen Bee Chapter 280 officially on Toptoon. For the English version you can head to Day Comics but they are 4-5 chapters behind the current ones. The fans translation by Acera is also available on many sites.

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