Queen Bee Chapter 291 raw scans and summary


The wait is over as Queen Bee Chapter 291 is finally out now. The chapter titled was actually a baited one this time. Let’s do it in the room where my sister and my father used to do it. We saw Dalsu taking Amy forcefully to his father’s room. At the same time, Pyo is enjoying his time with Dalsu’s wife. The raw scans and spoilers are posted by @Youngboy18plus on Twitter.

Raw Scans and Summary of Queen Bee Chapter 291

This is the Google translated summary which is not 100% correct, so keep that in mind and wait for the full release. Chapter 291 of Queen Bee seems to start with Dali informing Pastor about Dalsu’s threatening Ami. They were at the funeral even Abby was there too. But they didn’t let him know about this.

Chao suggested to Pastor that they bury Dalsu without Pastor present because Dalsu had ordered a drunk to murder the manager and r**e Ami. Without the Pastor’s knowledge, he had accepted bribes from Dalsu.

But Pastor warned against taking any unnecessary risks, threatening to instead contact dalsu. Chao was petrified that Pastor would find out the truth about the situation. So, Chao planned to assassinate Dalsu covertly if he had the chance.

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Pastor saved the day!

Pyo instructed Dali to tell the complete story during the burial, and Dali did so. When Ami got back to her house that night, she asked Dalsu if she had attended UB’s burial. Dalsu allegedly tried to drag Ami inside the house and threatened to f**k her on Ub’s bed.

Instantaneously, Pastor phoned Dalsu and scolded him for using my name in a threatening manner toward Ami. If you make the same mistake twice, I shall sever your hands. Then he invited Dalsu to his church office to talk further.

Where The Fans Can Read Queen Bee Chapter 291

The fans can enjoy Queen Bee Chapter 291 officially on Toptoon Korea. For the English version, they can read it on Day Comics.

The featured image is the property of Day Comics, we do not own this image.

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