Quest Supremacy Chapter 105 Release Date | Timings and Recap


Quest Supremacy manhwa is set to release their 105th chapter and it is a much anticipated one. This is a manhwa which shows the story of protagonist Kim SooHyun, who is always bullied by his schoolmates in his high school, because he is weak. In chapter 103, it was evident that Cheonhak grew tired after single-handedly fighting numerous men from Western Gangbuk High. Kim promised to assist him, as he needed it. Also, chapter 104 was completely full of ups and downs, because it had a lot of action and bloodshed. Now, let’s know more about Quest Supremacy chapter 105 release date, timings and recap. 

Quest Supremacy Chapter 105 Release Date and Timings

25 September 2023, Monday is Quest Supremacy chapter 105 release date.

These are the date and timings for other countries:

  • New York: September 25, 09:00 am, EST
  • Indian Standard Time: September 25, 6:30 pm, IST
  • Canada Standard Time: September 25, 09:00 am, NT
  • Japanese Standard Time: September 25, 10:00 pm JST
  • Korean Standard Time: September 25, 10:00 pm, KST
  • UK Standard Time: September 24, 04:00 pm, GMT
  • Australian Standard Time: September 25, 11:00 pm, AST

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Recap of Chapter 104

The last chapter of Quest Supremacy started with Kim Soohung, who planned to deal alone with Western Gangbuk High men. Later in the chapter, Im Taekyung appeared, displaying complete calmness and showing no signs of fear. Kim was told by Taekyung that the person who took him down was him.

His overconfidence filled him with unawareness of the danger he was dealing with. Im Taekyung along with his men surrounded Kim and tried threatening him. 

Later, Kim was seen holding two of Taekyung’s men, as if he had beaten them severely. Taekyung was then getting ready to take down Kim, which might be possible. Taekyung is among the 5 greats and even Kim finds difficulty taking him down easily. 

Kim can’t act hastily, as Taekyung also had hostages with him. He thought, if he can buy some time, then the remaining 4 greats might come here. Kim seemed worried and therefore Im Taekyung said, you should have thought about the consequences earlier. 

Yang Cheonhak, out of nowhere, moves forward to help Kim. Yang suggested to Kim to leave Taekyung in his hands and take Soha to a safe place. Taekyung was seen mocking Yang for his weakness, but with the help of Yang, Kim managed to escape. Later, Yang and Taekyung fought each other, in which Taekyung emerged as the winner.

Where to Read Quest Supremacy chapter 105 and other chapters

One can see Quest Supremacy on Webtoon, available with English translation. 

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