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Like a lost traveler, I found a really interesting manga. The Sanda Manga is by none other than Itagaki Paru, the author of Beastars. The manga is been serialized and already has 33-34 chapters. In the near future, the story takes place, the birth rate in Japan has been steadily falling. Shiori Fuyumura, the protagonist’s classmate, discovers that Sanda Kazushige is a direct descendant of Santa Claus. They team together in an effort to track down Fuyumura’s absent classmate, Ono Ichie.

The Plot and Story of Sanda Manga

The narrative takes place in 2080 Japan. In response to the country’s dwindling population, Japan has instituted strict regulations on the behavior of minors, such as requiring them to use the restroom independently from their parents and prohibiting them from sleeping. The social standing of young people is likewise higher than that of adults. The curse has kept Santa’s door closed for so long that people now believe he has vanished, and many dismiss Christmas as a made-up holiday or relic of the past.

In middle school, Sanda Kazushige’s friend Fuyumura Shiori shattered his body seal on Christmas Eve, turning him into a human Santa Claus. Later, Sanda learns that he may revert to his middle school form by consuming jellybeans, and he can transform into Santa Claus by donning a red suit. Fuyumura broke the seal in the hopes that Sanda would lead her to her missing classmate Ono Ichie and that he would also serve as a Christmas reminder to society.

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Chapter 1 Review

Chapter 1 of Sanda Manga starts with Fuyumura trying to kill Sanda. We see Sanda’s monologue where he tries to figure out why she is trying to kill him. He has been given an ultimatum that he is going to die by the end of the day.

The day went on and Sanda started to have a misconception that Fuyumara may be like him. One of his friends finally breaks the news that she might be angry because of her friend Ono’s death.

At the snowfall where everyone was running, Sanda started to feel weak which was noticed by Fuyumura. And finally, at the end of the chapter, she kills him by stabbing him.

She always knew that he was the last lineage of Santa Claus. He has been sealed by curse and only putting a red jacket on him can lift the curse. That’s what happens and he turns to Santa. Fuyumura asks him to save Ono and he promises that he will help her.

Where You Can Read Sanda Manga

The fans can enjoy the series on Akita Shonen and Weekly Shonen. For the English translation, right now you can only read the free fan translation on free sites.

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