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Get ready fandom as the Secret Class 191 English version is finally out now. This is probably one of the worst chapters in the series. Daeho obsession with Kobong is literally unbearable to see. You can actually tell the writing too is pretty bad. The manhwa is already going in many different paths ignoring the main plot of the series.

What Happened in Secret Class 191 English

The Secret Class 191 English chapter can be read on Youngboy18plus on Reddit. It starts with Daeho seeing Kobong and Sohyun coming out of the motel. It makes him pretty mad and thinks Sohyun literally got intimate twice. Clearly, the author has still not cleared up everything whether it was real or imaginary.

Daeho went back to the house to confront Mia who was enjoying a comic in her room. He confronts her about why she set up Sohyun with Kobong. Mia replies that she was only helping them as they both are bf/gf. However, it seems Daeho wasn’t happy with her decision.

Obsession with Kobong

Daeho started his punishment towards Mia. Now from here and out, Kobong’s name is mentioned mostly in every dialogue. Also, he was forcing Mia to admit that she also wanted to have S*x with Kobong.

However, Mia was clear that she didn’t like ugly guys and she had no intention. But it seems Daeho’s obsession over the recent events is too strong. That’s what happened in the Secret Class 191 English chapter.

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Where The Fans Can Read Secret Class 191

The fans can enjoy the manhwa officially on Toptoon and Day Comics. Additionally, Chapter 191 will be available on October 12, 2023, at 8 o’clock in the evening. Korean Standard Time. On October 15, 2023, the English edition will hit shelves.

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