Secret Class 192 English is out!


The English version of Secret Class 192 is finally out now. Also from the look of the chapter, the plot is finally moving again. Even Daeho has fully tamed Mia in this chapter. She has now become his slave. Gobong’s short arc might be over for now. So let’s check out what exactly happened in this along with the next chapter release date.

Summary of Secret Class 192

The full English chapter of Secret Class 192 is posted on Youngboy on Reddit. The chapter starts with Daeho taming Mia. She has been fully tamed now. Even though Daeho teases her that she might end up having s*x with Kobong.

But Mia denies it and says that she will only get intimate with Daeho. Now she has become his slave and she has to follow Daeho’s orders no matter what. The scene ended with daeho climaxing inside this time.

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And finally, we are getting over this goblin arc and the plot has moved again. After that scene, Daeho called the specs m*lf and asked her about the safe. She says that her husband is out for three days and she copied the keys.

In chapter 192, Daeho informs Aunt June that he will be going to the city side to attend urgent work. He meets the specs m*lf there who arrives without wearing glasses and looks kind of hot.

Daeho made her wear a tight black dress which emphasized her curves and made her look even hotter. We can probably expect some scenes between them in the upcoming chapter finally.

Release Date and Where The Fans Can Read Secret Class 192

The fans can enjoy Secret Class 192 officially on Day Comics and Toptoon. Chapter 193 of Secret Class will be released on October 19, 2023, at 8 p.m. KST.

The featured image is fan art by @royhaynner on Twitter.

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