Secret Class 193 English version is out!


You don’t have to wait long as the Secret Class 193 English version is finally out now. The chapters seem to be getting quite short. Although our favorite character is back again. She and Daeho are trying to steal something from the vault. But on an ongoing mission, it looks like Daeho has some other plan for now. At least, we do not have to see that goblin for some chapters which makes me happy.

Summary for Secret Class 193

The English chapter of Secret Class 193 starts with Daeho following Seoul-Hee (glasses m*lf). But after seeing her walking from the back side he can’t resist his urges. I mean who can actually do? The black tight dress she is wearing is just gorgeous. You can read the chapter on Youngboy on Reddit.

So what happens next? Everyone can already guess. The predator pounded on her. Daeho wasn’t able to figure out how to open that dress too, which was quite funny. Hee noona hesitated a little but in the end, she gave it away for her master.

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In chapter 193, she instructs Daeho, how to open the dress by zipping it down from the back. The scene was short although it was hot. Even noona was waiting quite a long for Daeho. She really missed little Daeho. At some point, Daeho started to compare her to Aunt June.

He even wonders if he should call her to the city by tomorrow. At the end of Secret Class 193, we see Aunt June waking up from sleep. She thinks that someone called her.

Where You Can Read Secret Class 193

You can read the chapter on Youngboy on Reddit. Also, the next Secret Class 194 chapter will be released on October 24, 2023, at 8 p.m. Korean Standard Time. You can also read the manhwa officially on Day Comics and Toptoon.

The featured image is fan art by @royhaynner on Twitter.

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