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The Secret Class Chapter 189 is finally released and it seems Kobong is finally going all in. Mia has set him up with Sohyun in the motel finally. Now it all depends on him, whether he can strike it or not. At the same, it seems, that Daeho has gone back home. Many fans want Kobong to graduate from Secret Class while many of them just want him out of the story.

What Happened in Secret Class Chapter 189

Chapter 189 of Secret Class starts with Kobong enjoying the desert in the restaurant. This goblin is gobbling the food back to back and still wants more. Even the waitress wasn’t able to believe in his diet. While he was enjoying his food, Daeho was enjoying some other kind of food. The full chapter is posted on Youngboy18plus on Reddit.

Mia still watching them, while Daeho enjoying Sohyun in the washroom. She thinks in this way, Sohyun might end up forgetting about Kobong and will become a Daeho woman.

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Mia set up!

After their intimate scene, everyone exits the restaurant where Mia informs that she has to go somewhere with Sohyun. Daeho wanted to interrupt them but Mia reminded him that he already had the fun.

After that the scene changes, and we find Mia and Sohyun both in the motel. She has also called Kobong to arrive quickly. Mia informs that Sohyun has already done with Daeho and it’s time to do with Kobong. She is still his girlfriend.

At the same time, Kobong arrives while Mia leaves them both in the room. Kobong expressed his feeling and Sohyun blushed a little. But the chapter ended in a cliffhanger. We can expect from here to be a 50-50 percent chance now.

Where To Read Officially?

Secret Class Chapter 189 can be read officially on Day Comics. You can purchase the coins bundle and can read your favorite manhwa from there.

The featured image belongs to Day Comics.

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