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Finally after the wait, Secret Class Chapter 190 English is finally out now. This chapter was pretty wild, literally. After reading it, I still can’t exactly believe or come to an exact conclusion about what actually happened. It’s like the author has given another bait to find out in the next chapter. This goblin arc is dragging a lot. Some fans are enjoying the story while some are literally getting bored at this point.

What happened in Chapter 190?

The Secret Class Chapter 190 English is posted on Reddit. The chapter starts with Daeho spying on the motel. He gets tensed as he sees Mia coming out from there. Meanwhile, Kobong asks Sohyun, “Are they really going to do it?”

Sohyun replies that first, she needs to take a shower. Feeling unsure of what to do, her nerves began to fray. At the same time, Daeho thinks that Mia came out as soon as Kobong went in.

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Imagination or Reality?

Daeho finally realizes that Kobong is in the room with Sohyun all along. The scene changes and we see Sohyun getting intimate with Kobong. Daeho tried to contact her but it seemed she was ignoring his texts.

Sohyun literally enjoyed doing with Kobong after reading the chapter. Kobong even C**ed all over her body and she literally felt amazing. The Secret Class Chapter 190 ends with Kobong coming out with Sohyun from the room and Daeho gets shocked after seeing them. He thinks they have done it.

Personally, I think the intimate scenes are just Daeho’s imagination. Sohyun might have agreed to be Kobong’s girlfriend or like she would him a chance to date. That’s why he feels satisfied at the end of the chapter.

Where The Fans Can Read Secret Class Chapter 190

The fans can read the manhwa on Toptoon and Day Comics officially. Also, Chapter 191 is all set to release on September 28, 2023, at 8 pm KST.

The featured image is the property of Day Comics.

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