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Back-to-back peak chapters by Fupin. Villain To Kill Chapter 112 release date is much anticipated by the fans. The chapters going to be anticipated as After learning that Cassian is battling two foes at the same time and that he is preparing something huge, fans of the series are eager to find out what happens next and what we can anticipate from him in the upcoming episode. Readers are eager to see Cassian and his powers in Villain To Kill Chapter 112. So, read more to find out what is Cassian going to do as we cover more details on Villain To Kill Chapter 112.

Villain To Kill Chapter 112 Date and Time

The Manga, Villain To Kill Chapter 112 release date is Wednesday, September 6, 2023. However, do remember this date and timing belong to the official platform.

  • Eastern Standard Time: September 5, 11:00 AM, EST
  • Central Standard Time: September 5, 5:00 PM, CST
  • Indian Standard Time: September 5, 8:30 PM, IST
  • Phillipine Time: September 5, 11:00 PM, PHT
  • Korean Standard Time: September 6, 12:00 AM, KST
  • Japanese Standard Time: September 6, 12:00 AM, JST
  • Australian Standard Time: September 6, 1:00 AM, AST

A brief recap of the previous chapter

In the most recent chapter of the manga, the story unfolds with Cassian facing off against two members of the Psykers. When one of them questions whether he intends to take on both of them simultaneously, Cassian dismisses the chatter and urges them to commence the fight immediately.

Without wasting a moment, one of the Psykers approaches Cassian, vowing to correct his attitude. However, Cassian responds swiftly with a fatal kick that sends his opponent flying a considerable distance.

Meanwhile, in a different setting, Jack enters a lab in search of Driver. Observing the chaos around, he comments on the tumult. Driver, unfazed, informs him that she is well aware of the situation. She explains that they entered without an invitation, and a skirmish is underway at the entrance. She mentions that “he” advised them not to pay heed to the commotion.

Driver reveals further restrictions: they are forbidden from approaching the combatants, filming with drones is prohibited, and she has deactivated all the cameras within the Vilzone. Additionally, the Black Hand Trio is stationed as guards to prevent anyone from getting too close.

Intrigued by the mystery surrounding their actions, Jack queries Driver about their boss’s intentions. She confesses that even she remains in the dark regarding their objectives. When Jack inquires about her activities, Driver discloses that she is currently designing a mask on their boss’s orders.

Cassian is growing stronger

Returning to the ongoing battle, Cassian exhibits remarkable agility, skillfully evading the attacks launched by the Psykers. One of the Psykers muses that once you realize the sanctuary you sought refuge in is a dead-end alley, it’s already too late.

As the confrontation unfolds, one of the Psykers employs a special attack, but Cassian effortlessly catches it. Acknowledging Cassian’s strength, she also perceives him as somewhat rigid, pondering if he can be considered honest. In response, Cassian critiques their attack pattern as dull and inflexible, declaring that they are not up to par.

Amidst the battle, Cassian imparts a valuable lesson to his adversaries, emphasizing the importance of a swift and deceptive counterattack, one that should resemble a storm. When one of the Psykers successfully evades his strike, Cassian commends the effort but hints that he has more tricks up his sleeve.

Where You Can Read Villain To Kill Chapter 112

Villain To Kill Chapter 112 manga can be officially read on webtoons.

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