BTS star V announces his first solo album ‘Layover’, to release on September 8


BTS star V announces his first solo album release date. Amidst BTS’s hiatus to accommodate mandatory military enlistment, the individual talents within the group are embracing the chance to shine as solo stars. This surge of creativity among BTS singers has led to a series of successful solo projects. In the midst of this wave of individual accomplishments, BTS’s V has excitedly unveiled his highly-anticipated debut solo collection.

V is gearing up to launch his first solo venture titled “Layover.” The collection features six songs: “Rainy Days,” “Blue,” “Love Me Again,” “Slow Dancing,” “For Us,” and an additional as-yet-untitled bonus track. Fans of BTS and V can eagerly anticipate the release on September 8.

Hints about the thematic elements of the songs on “Layover” have been provided by V’s record label, Big Hit. From these descriptions, it’s apparent that the project will predominantly embrace an R&B sound. While it also weaves in elements of pop, which V and BTS are renowned for.

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BTS star V did a collaboration with Hee Jin Min

Creatively directed by Hee Jin Min, the CEO of ADOR, a subsidiary of K-pop powerhouse Hybe, “Layover” has been a collaborative effort. Min has played an instrumental role in all aspects of the project, overseeing music production, choreography, and design.

Among the BTS members, V’s upcoming solo release marks him as the latest and one of the final artists to venture into a solo career. Many of his bandmates have already achieved remarkable success in their solo endeavors. In 2023 alone, Suga and Jimin peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart with their individual projects. J-Hope and RM also secured significant chart triumphs in 2022 with their respective solo albums. Jung Kook, though yet to unveil a full studio album, recently topped the Hot 100 chart with his debut solo single “Seven.”

While preparing to release his first EP, V is no stranger to solo projects. Before “Layover,” he delighted his fanbase with songs that showcased his distinct musical identity. His track “Christmas Tree” established V as one of the first BTS members to reach the Hot 100 chart on his own, a remarkable achievement. This song reached No. 79 during the festive season in 2021. As V steps into his solo career with “Layover,” the anticipation and excitement among fans continue to grow.

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