Depp vs Heard, a Netflix series showing both Testimonies side-by-side


Recently the world witnessed one of the most dramatic court cases of ex husband and wife in America. Two of the Hollywood superstars, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were seen taking trails in court in the midst of 2022. Both Johnny and Amber tied their knots in February 2015 but soon after their marriage fell into controversies. According to the reports, the divorce settlement between the couple took place for 7 million dollars. In the recent past, everyone witnessed Depp vs Heard, a court case worth millions of dollars. Amber Heard was Johnny Depp’s second wife, because Johnny first married Lori Anne Allison back in December 1983. Two years later, the couple parted their ways and took divorce in 1985. 

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Divorce

“Our relation was intentionally passionate and at times volatile, but always bound by love”. This was the joint statement given by Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, but then what went wrong between both of them? Almost after 1 year of marriage, in May 2016 Heard filed a divorce case against Depp, stating that she is being physically abused by Depp. As per the local reports, the investigation took place and no evidence was found related to physical abuse. The Depp vs Heard, divorce case got settled for 7 million dollars in August 2016. The money which she received after the settlement is said to be donated to charity by Heard. 

Depp vs Heard, Depp sued Heard for 50 million dollars for defamation

In 2019, Johnny Depp sued Amber Heard for 50 million dollars for defamation because of a Washington post article. Johnny was seen saying that all that was done by Heard was just to create a scene where Heard can gain positive publicity. This was the time when the real Depp vs Heard case came into the scene. Heard said that she got bruised because Depp threw her at the table. Whereas, in a phone recording that was leaked in 2020, Heard admitted that she hit Depp. Heard was heard in call recording that “I did not hurt you, I did not punch you, I was hitting you”.

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Depp vs Heard, A 100 million$ libel suit began on 11 April 2022

Depp vs Heard, defamation lawsuit took place in the Fairfax County courthouse in Virginia. The case went on, on one hand where Rottenborn tried to show Depp the real culprit, Benjamin Chew, Depp’s lawyer claimed Heard as a liar. Depp while taking the stand in court said that Heard has a need for violence in their relationship. Both the testimonies put their statements in front of the court, seeking justice. 

A Netflix series showing the complete case of Depp vs Heard

Netflix documentary: Depp v. Heard, coming on 16 August

Because the defamation case of Depp vs Heard gained so much popularity, Netflix is set to release the series on it. As per the netflix schedule, the series will be released on 16 August 2023 on the official netflix platform. This is for the first time that both the testimonies will be shown side by side. 

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