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Netflix is all set to release a black comedy horror movie, named El Conde. The name of the movie, ‘El Conde’ comes from the Spanish language, the meaning of which is ‘The Count’. Pablo Larrain is the director of the movie. Pablo Larrain is also the writer of the movie along with Guillermo Calderon. Many other splendid movies are directed by Pablo, such as Spencer, Jackie, Neruda, Ema and others. Juan de Dios Larrain produced the film, while Edward Lachman handled the cinematography. Now let’s know more about ‘El Conde’ release date, plot, trailer and cast.

El Conde Release Date

The filmmakers released the official trailer of the movie around one month ago. They released the trailer on Netflix’s official site and their YouTube channel. In the time span of one month, however, the trailer has reached 530 thousand views. More views and reach is expected on Youtube before the release of the actual movie on Netflix.

15 September 2023 is, ‘El Conde’ release date, announced by Netflix worldwide. 

7 September 2023 is the date on which, movie was released in Argentina and Chile. On 8th of September 2023, the movie was released in the USA.

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Plot of the movie

The movie ‘El Conde’ is based on a Vampire dictator ‘Augusto Pinochet’. This vampire has spent 250 long years and now feels as if he has done enough. Becoming an aristocrat in France, nevertheless, he lives as a vampire in a true Bram Stoker fashion. He ruled the place and highly enjoyed drinking the blood of virgin women. After moving to Chile, he continued the evil work of terror. Now, he wants to prove his existence and, furthermore, his achievements legitimate in the eyes of the public.

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Cast of the movie

Jaime Vadell, Gloria Munchmeyer, Alfredo Castro, Paula Luchsinger, Stella Gonet, Antonio Zegers, Marcial Tagle, Diego Munoz, Amparo Noguera, Catalina Guerra, Maria del Rosario Zamora

Director: Pablo Larrain

Writer: Pablo Larrain, Guillermo Calderon

Genes: Chilean, Comedy Movies, Horror Movies

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