Heidi Klum’s daughter Leni dropping jaws in a lacy blue lingerie


Heidi Klum’s daughter is dropping jaws and just creating buzz everywhere she is going. Recently she posted some stories on her Instagram, which has made the gram go hot. Leni Klum just overheated the environment with her Instagram story. She posted an unboxing video for Intimissimi as she flaunted a sultry lace bra and panty pair.

“They sent an exquisite array of treasures, and today, I’m your guide,” said the college student in her story, a radiant brand ambassador for Intimissimi, following in the fashionable footsteps of her famous mother. She cradled a box brimming with tantalizing lingerie, like a treasure chest promising secrets to be revealed.

With a twinkle in her eye, the college ambassador, couldn’t contain her excitement. “I believe this is my absolute favorite from their collection, without a doubt,” she proclaimed with undeniable confidence. Her modeling prowess shone as she showcased a luxurious azure balconette bra, priced at $79, accompanied by a matching Brazilian panty at $19, all exquisitely crafted by the renowned Italian lingerie maestros.

“I’m going to sweep my hair up, so you can savor every intricate detail,” she cooed, gently lifting her golden locks to unveil the ornate gold chains embellishing the bra’s straps, a touch of opulence that she lovingly referred to as “gorgeous.”

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Leni Klum just rocked the lingerie

Leni Klum had graced her Instagram with countless alluring ensembles from the Italian brand throughout the year. She elegantly slipped into a pair of lace-trimmed blue silk shorts priced at $59, expertly layering them over her underwear. She then transformed into a silk camisole in the same captivating cobalt hue, an indulgence worth $79.

“This, unquestionably, stands as my top pick from their exquisite collection, but a close second is not to be missed. I have an affection for white lingerie,” Leni shared, her voice filled with admiration. She presented a delicate, lacy white thong, a mere $15, exclaiming. “Isn’t it perfect?” With a flourish, she continued, “The top is even more divine, but there’s an array of bottoms to choose from,” as she showcased a Brazilian-style panty at $19, a marvelous choice “if you’re looking for a bit more coverage.” To complete the ensemble, she displayed a matching white lace bra priced at $79.

Heidi Klum’s daughter is going to be a supermodel

While Leni certainly showcased her affinity for white lingerie, recalling a similar lacy look she flaunted back in June. She offered her sage advice. If there’s just one item to acquire from this collection, it must be her coveted blue bra – she asserted that it “sculpts and elevates your assets.” She wrapped up her captivating story by sensually tracing her fingers along the golden straps of her bra and murmuring, “It’s almost as though they’ve adorned these pieces with jewelry,” all while expressing her heartfelt gratitude to the lingerie brand for their generous offerings.

Leni’s video marked her second Intimissimi campaign alongside her mother, Heidi, and was released that spring. The mother-daughter duo sizzled as they showcased a plethora of alluring styles. Following their initial, somewhat controversial ads for the lingerie brand.

Undoubtedly, we can anticipate more enchanting displays of Intimissimi designs by this model-daughter in the near future.

The story was first published by Page Six, H/T to Page Six.

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