Is She the Wolf? Release date on Netflix, Plot and Cast


Netflix is all set to release a new TV series, with the name Is She the Wolf? This netflix series is going to be Japanese and therefore it is expected to perform well. By Taking the inspiration from ABEMA network’s Who is the Wolf?, this show is created. The show will be giving romantic and intimate vibes to the viewers because it is a dating show. Actors, artists, models and others will be finding their love on the show. Having 5 boys and 5 girls along with 4 main hosts, this netflix series is expected to attract a huge amount of audience from everywhere. 


Plot of the series Is She the Wolf? 

The series Is She the Wolf is the adaptation of Who is the Wolf and therefore there will be similarities. This is basically a dating show, which will be presented in the form of series to the audience. There will be a total of 10 contestants, out of which 5 will be boys and 5 will be girls. Some of them will be the actors, some will be the models while some will be the artists and others. By watching the trailer, one will think of it as a normal dating show, but in reality there are lots of twists in it.

In Is She the Wolf, all the contestants are aged between 23 to 32. Boys and girls will be in search of their true love, but things are not easy as they look. Among 5 girl contestants, some are wolves and they are not in search of love on the show. Those girls, throughout the series, have to hide their true identity and lie to others. Will others be able to find wolves on the show? After the show is released, It will be interesting to watch how events will unfold because of the twists.   

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Release Date and Cast

Trailer of the series was launched by Netflix in the month of June on their official site and Youtube channel. The show Is She the Wolf, will officially release on 3rd of September 2023. 

Complete Cast:

Show hosts: Natsuko Yokosawa, Karen Takizawa, Riku, Nako Yabuki
Contestants: Okubo Sakurako, Gabby, JU!iE, Nishimura Honoka, Mikako, Yonemura Tomoki, Who-ya, Nakao Masaki, Furuya Robin, Shiratori Taiju

Watch: Is She the Wolf on Netflix official site

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