Kate Moss just can’t quit smoking but lives a healthy lifestyle


Kate Moss, the iconic supermodel, has undergone a fascinating transformation from the emblematic “party girl” of the fashion world to a crystal-loving wellness advocate. Yet, in a candid interview with The Sunday Times, she revealed that she’s not quite ready to extinguish her smoking habit entirely.

Moss confessed, “I still smoke occasionally,” acknowledging the rumors that quitting smoking can work wonders for one’s skin, but added, “But I haven’t stopped … yet.”

Venturing beyond the glamorous streets of London, Moss has found solace in the tranquil landscapes of Oxfordshire. Here, she indulges in wild swimming at a concealed location, nestled amidst sprawling fields, reserved exclusively for the villagers. Her days of wild partying are now firmly in the past. But she humorously admits to being in “denial” about her impending 50th birthday in January 2024. “I’m not turning 50,” she quipped, “No. I’m not thinking about it. I do not feel 50.”

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Kate Moss prefers natural

When asked if she’s opted for any cosmetic enhancements like fillers or Botox to defy the passage of time, Moss responded with a resolute “Au naturel. Next.” Clearly, she’s chosen the path of natural aging, a rarity in her industry.

In her interview, Moss shares her nightlife strategy: a self-imposed curfew of midnight. Explaining her rationale, she mentioned, “I’ve seen everyone, everyone’s talked sense. After that [time], people start repeating themselves. So then I go home.” The fear of missing out occasionally haunts her, but she remains steadfast in her nocturnal boundaries.

Beyond the Catwalk

Moss has transitioned into a lifestyle that revolves around holistic well-being. Her routine includes Ashtanga yoga, the recitation of affirmations, and quality time spent cooking for her daughter, Lila. At just 20 years old, Lila, Moss’s daughter with ex Jefferson Hack, is already making her mark in the modeling world. Following in her mother’s iconic footsteps. Her runway debut for Miu Miu in 2020 marked the beginning of her burgeoning career. And she’s had the privilege of sharing the catwalk with her A-list mom.

Lila’s admiration for her mother is evident in her fashion choices, as she continuously emulates Kate’s style. However, there’s one regret: “I can’t steal her shoes, which is devastating. She’s a size 6, and I’m a size 5.” Despite the size difference, Lila has managed to carve her own path in the modeling world, even securing her Calvin Klein campaign in 2022, three decades after Kate Moss’s iconic CK ads alongside Mark Wahlberg.

In this captivating journey, Kate Moss remains a timeless icon, gracefully navigating the complexities of fame, fashion, and family, all while keeping a cigarette in hand and a twinkle in her eye.

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