Lupin Netflix Part 3 Release Date | Part 1 & 2 Recap | Cast and more


Netflix is all set to release the mystery thriller television series third part named Lupin. Lupin is a French TV series that was first released on Netflix on January 8, 2021. However, only the first 5 episodes were released back then. They released the other 5 episodes in the 2nd part of the series in June 2021. They will release the third part of the series now. There are a total of 5 directors involved in the making of the series. Louis Leterrier, Marcela Said, Ludovic Bernard, Hugo Gelin, Daniel Grou and Xavier Gens have directed the show. Now, let’s know more about Lupin Netflix part 3 release date, cast and more. 

Lupin Netflix Part 3 Release Date

On 6th of September 2023, the official trailer of Lupin part 3 released on Netflix site and Youtube. Trailer on Youtube has reached 170K plus views in the time span of 6 days. It is expected to reach even more in the coming time. Since Lupin is a popular show among the audience, it is also very anticipative.

5th of October 2023 is the Lupin Netflix part 3 release date announced by the makers of the show. 

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Plot of the Series

Assane Diop is the protagonist of the story. He is the son of the only immigrant or refugee from Senegal. To give his child a better life, Assane’s father came to France. Assane’s father used to work at a diamond merchant’s shop. The employer intentionally framed him for stealing a diamond necklace. Furthermore, the employer, Hubert Pellegrini was a wealthy and powerful man. In the prison cell, Assane’s father hanged himself out of shame and left Assane alone. Also, Assane’s father gave Assane a book named “Gentleman Thief Arsene Lupin. Now, after 25 years when he’s charismatic and has mastered thievery, he’s after the Pellegrini family. Nevertheless, he is seeking revenge for his father’s death and exposing the Pellegrini family for their crimes. 

Cast of the Show

Omar Sy, Ludivine Sagnier, Clotilde Hesme, Nicole Garcia, Herve Pierre, Antoine Gouy, Adrian Valli de Villebonne, Fargass Assandé, Soufiane Guerrab, Vincent Londez, Shirine Boutella, Vincent Garanger, Johann Dionnet, Etan Simon

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