MMA fighter Keith Lee challenges MrBeast to a boxing match amidst influencer-boxing craze


The world of influencer boxing continues to capture attention, and now, MMA fighter and TikTok sensation Keith Lee has thrown his hat into the ring. Following a candid training snapshot of YouTuber MrBeast alongside Logan Paul, excitement grew about the potential for MrBeast’s foray into the influencer-boxing phenomenon. The anticipation escalated further when Keith Lee extended a compelling challenge to the YouTube mogul.

With the social media space buzzing over names like Logan Paul and KSI gearing up for an October 14 showdown. The intrigue deepened when MrBeast shared a photo of himself training with Paul. The prospect of MrBeast stepping into the ring ignited fervor among his fans, leading to speculation about his potential opponent.

Keith Lee’s Bold Challenge

On August 22, just a day after the training snapshot emerged, Keith Lee presented MrBeast with an open challenge. Lee, despite a year away from fighting, expressed readiness to face off with MrBeast. He stated,

“I used to fight at 135 lbs. But right now, I’m about 185 lbs. I’m solid, though. I think MrBeast is about 190 – 200 lbs, so the size discrepancy shouldn’t be that big. If anything, I can bulk up.”

Lee substantiated his challenge with glimpses of his training regimen, showcasing his preparation for a potential bout.

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Keith Lee vs MrBeast will help others

Lee’s offer carried an extra layer of goodwill. Lee proposed donating their fight purses to charity. He wanted his share directed towards local restaurants, a cause close to his heart. He conveyed,

“If you don’t have an opponent, I’ll be the opponent. I haven’t thought about fighting in a long time. I mean no disrespect at all, I just think it’d be a dope, fun, entertaining fight.”

Notably, this collaboration wouldn’t be the first between the two creators. As they previously collaborated on a restaurant review project, culminating in a $10,000 grand prize for the winner.

As the influencer-boxing wave gains momentum, Keith Lee’s bold challenge and philanthropic stance add an intriguing dimension to MrBeast’s potential entry into the ring. With fans eagerly watching the developments, the possibility of a showdown between these two creators adds to the ever-evolving narrative of influencers engaging in physical feats beyond their digital realms.

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