NCT 127 The Lost Boys, A Korean Documentary Release Date on Disney Plus Hotstar 


Disney Plus Hotstar plans to release a documentary about a Korean band in the format of a mini-series. The documentary is about a Korean band named NCT 127, in which the band members will share their untold stories. The personal stories of the band members, which are untold to the world, will be shared in the form of performances and animations in the documentary called NCT 127 The Lost Boys. This Korean boy band has achieved immense success in recent times, making this an opportunity to explore their accomplishments.

NCT 127 The Lost Boys Release Date

On 8 August 2023, Disney Plus Singapore released the trailer for the documentary “NCT 127: The Lost Boys.” Furthermore, the series is scheduled for release on 30 August 2023 on Disney Plus Hotstar and the official site for Singapore.

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About NCT 127 ‘A Korean Band’

Starting in July 2016, NCT 127 has become one of the most renowned bands today, boasting 16 million Instagram followers. Currently, the band comprises 9 official members, and the documentary ‘The Lost Boys’ focuses on them. Subsequently, after the band gained recognition in 2019, SM Entertainment signed distribution and marketing bonds with Caroline Distribution and Capitol Music Group. Under SM Entertainment, they achieved a record-breaking sale of 3.58 million copies and received an award at the 31st Seoul Music Awards.

Moreover, the fourth release of NCT 127 reached 3.2 million in sales in 2022. This made them a 2nd K pop act to get 3 albums in top 5 on the Billboard 200. The documentary will share the personal lives of all nine members before their debut. Additionally, the documentary will capture the perspectives of each member regarding their international success. 

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As per the reports, NCT 127 is about to release their 5th K pop album on 6th October 2023. 

Members of NCT 127 ‘The Lost Boys’

Taeil, Johnny Suh, Taeyong, Yuta, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Jungwoo, Mark Lee, Haechan 

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