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An American biographical sports comedy-drama movie, named ‘Next Goal Wins’ is set to be released at the end of 2023. In 2014, Mike Brett released a documentary film called ‘next goal wins’ and 2023’s ‘Next Goal Wins’ is based on that. The documentary was about the American national football team named ‘Samoa’ which was considered as one of the weakest. However, they try to recover and show how good they are. Taika Waititi directed the movie and, along with Iain Morris, provideed the screenplay. Jonathan Cavendish, Garrett Basch, Taika Waititi, Mike Brett, and Steve Jamison produced the movie. Now, let’s know more about Next Goal Wins release date, plot, cast and more. 

Next Goal Wins Release Date

Searchlight Pictures released the trailer for the movie ‘Next Goal Wins’ on April 27, 2023, on YouTube. Searchlight Pictures are the official distributors of the movie. The trailer on YouTube has already crossed 3.7 million views and is expected to reach even more before the movie’s release. 

‘Next Goal Wins’ release date has been announced and it is going to be 17 November 2023.

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Plot of the movie

The Dutch American football team named ‘Samoa,’ which holds the highest losing streak, stars in the movie. A top-level coach, fired from his actual team, has two options. One, either to lose his job completely or 2nd to go and coach team Samoa. Coach agrees to train Samoa, but when he reaches there and sees how they play, he regrets his decision. The coach now knows the reason, therefore, for considering Team Samoa as one of the weakest teams. This is an inspiring story of a team that, despite setbacks, gets back up and fights for recognition. Despite so many failures, they do not give up and play amazing football. 

Cast of the movie

Michael Fassbender, Oscar Kightley, Kaimana, David Fane, Rachel House, Beulah Koale, Will Arnett, Elisabeth Moss, Uli Latikefu, Chris Alosio, Lehi Makisi, Semu Filipo, Loana Goodhue, Rhys Darby, Angus Sampson, Luke Hemsworth, Kaitlyn Dever, Hio Pelesasa, David Tuitupou, Levy Tuiala, Loretta Ables Sayre, Frankie Adams, Taika Waititi

Cinematography: Lachlan Milne

Music: Michael Giacchino

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