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Disney Hotstar is all set to release an American science fiction thriller movie named, No One Will Save You on their platform. Initially, the movie is set to release in theatres on 19th of September 2023, but there is a slight change in the schedule. Now, Hulu will release the movie as a Hulu original film, and it will also be available on Disney Plus Hotstar. Brian Duffield has written and directed the movie. Tim White, Trevor White, Allan Mandelbaum and Brian Duffield have produced the movie. Kaitlyn Dever has worked as the protagonist with several other cast members in the movie. Now, let’s know more about ‘No One Will Save You’ release date, plot, cast and trailer. 

No One Will Save You Release Date

They will release the movie in the theaters of Los Angeles and New York on September 19, 2023. On 5th September 2023, the trailer of the movie was released on Youtube and other respective platforms such as Hulu & Disney Hotstar. The trailer has completed 1.8 million views on Youtube itself, which is can reach even more.  

22 September 2023 is, No One Will Save You release date on Disney plus Hotstar and Hulu official sites. 

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Plot of the movie

The movie is suspenseful, thriller, science fiction, which is filled with action and drama. The story is about a girl, who lives in solitude, away from everybody. Her name is Brynn Adams, as she is the protagonist of the story. Furthermore, Brynn finds comfort in the walls of the house she lives in. A time comes, when she starts feeling something strange in the house. She starts hearing noises of unworldly creatures which frightens her. Now, she must deal with her past and face those unearthly creatures to survive. 

This is Disney Hotstar’s brief introduction about the movie: ‘A lonely woman battles extraterrestrials who threaten her future and force her to face her past’.

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Cast of the movie

Kaitlyn Dever, Ginger Cressman, Jack Duhame, Geraldine Singer, Dari Lynn Griffin

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