Rent A Girlfriend chapter 295 raw scans, spoilers, and summary


Idiot Kayuza is back in Rent A Girlfriend chapter 295 raw scans which are out now. The chapter seems to continue when Kazuya found Chizuru sleeping. They both have been taking care of the kids and helping Kazuya’s grandma. Now, let’s check out the spoiler and summary of the chapter.

Raw Scans, Spoilers, and Summary for Rent A Girlfriend Chapter 295

Rent A Girlfriend chapter 295 raw scans start with Kazuya gazing at Chizuru who is sleeping peacefully. He found Chizuru like an angel. I mean who won’t right? He thought sleeping beside her might be his wish. But he acted like a gentleman and cover her with a blanket.

Kazuya is good with kids

Chizuru woke up and found the blanket on her. She asked one of the workers about it and found out that it was Kazuya who put it. After that, she found him in the hallway where he was playing with kids. Seeing them playing happily she started to think of some past memories of him.

At the end of Rent A Girlfriend chapter 285, she was holding the blankets when she starts to think about the question, the previous kid asked her.

Where The Fans Can Read Rent A Girlfriend Chapter 295

You can read the manga on Pocket, Inkr, and Kodansha officially. Fans’ translations are also available but we suggest reading from the official platform. One excellent series of this type is “Rent a Girlfriend” by MIYAJIMA Reiji. Explore the complexity of both rented and real relationships as this manga takes you on a journey across modern Japan. With its unorthodox perspective on contemporary love and connection, “Rent a Girlfriend” has grabbed the hearts of readers looking for a fresh take on romance in the twenty-first century.

Now as a reader, I truly hope this manga comes to an end soon. It has already been stretching quite a bit. Kazuya should man up and confess Chizuru for good. The anime is also currently underway, so you can check that out too.

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