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Netflix is all set to release an upcoming Japanese animated series, named ‘Scott Pilgrim Takes Off’. This series is filled with action, adventure, romantic comedy and fantasy. The series is based on a novel written by Lee O’Malley named, ‘Scott Pilgrim’. Bryan Lee O’Malley and BenDavid Grabinski have developed the series, whereas Abel Gongora has directed it. Also the complete series is written by Bryan and BenDavid. Also, in 2010, a film was made based on the same novel and now, the same cast will be working in the series. Moreover, this is like a nostalgia for the complete cast, as they will be reprising their roles after such a long time. Now, let’s know more about Scott Pilgrim Takes Off release date, production, trailer and cast. 

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Release Date Netflix

Netflix released the official teaser of the series on their site and YouTube on 16th August 2023. Teaser has reached 3.2 million views in the time span of 1 month and more. The expectations of it to reach an even higher audience is high, before the official series release.

17 November 2023 is Scott Pilgrim Takes Off release date on Netflix.

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Production and Development

The announcement about the series having Netflix and Universal Content Productions together was in January 2022. Science Saru has provided the animation production for the series and the series got green light in March 2023. Joseph Trapanese is the active composer in the series, whereas Anamanaguchi will be providing the songs. Anamanaguchi has also given the music for the movie’s video game adaptation. A total of 8 episodes will be there in the series.

Cast of the series

Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Satya Bhabha, Kieran Culkin, Chris Evans, Anna Kendrick, Brie Larson, Alison Pill, Aubrey Plaza, Brandon Routh, Jason Schwartzman, Johnny Simmons, Mark Webber, Mae Whitman, Ellen Wong

Director: Abel Gongora

Releasing Language: English

Producer: Eunyoung Choi

Genre: Action-Adventure, Fantasy, Romantic Comedy

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